Monday, April 28, 2008

CCA demanding apology from Miley


Christian groups are now demanding that Disney reprimand Miley.

The Christian Coalition of America (CCA) wants Cyrus to be held accountable for the semi-topless photos she had published in Vanity Fair. Michele Combs, from CCA, says, "Disney should reprimand her. Miley should say it was a mistake and that kids have to be very careful at such a young age. Kids look up to her. Something needs to be done."

They want this apology to take place during a televised press conference.

Combs, and the CCA are very disappointed and saddened by the photos, and the recently provocative internet photos (a couple posted below).

She also added, "She was the one person out there who everyone seemed to trust. She should have been more thoughtful. If she's gonna go out there and represent wholesome values, she needs to be more accountable for her actions."

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