Friday, June 27, 2008

Madonna's Divorcing Guy In November!!


For weeks now the subject of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's marriage falling apart has been all over. So many reports of them breaking up and so many of them being so happy what is the deal??

Madonna's biographer gave an inside scoop on the break-up of one of the most high-profile marriages in show business.

Last weekend two friends of Madonna visited her at one of her New York apartments and, during a chat over tea, the subject of her marriage was raised.

"So, how are things going with Guy?" one of the women asked. "Fine," Madonna answered, tersely. "But there have been so many news reports . . ." the friend continued. Madonna's faced darkened. "If you think I'm going to discuss this with you now, you're very wrong."

But the friend continued to push: "Well, what they're saying is . . ."

Madonna started to really freak. "Stop right there," she warned. "This subject is off limits. I'm serious."

With that, the conversation uneasily shifted to the more acceptable topic of Madonna's latest CD, Hard Candy, and her upcoming Sticky And Sweet Tour.

The trouble seems to be that since Madonna is unwilling to discuss her private life, others have been busy doing it for her.

Stories about end of her seven-year marriage to Guy Ritchie have been circulating for more than a year.

Their recent, very strained, appearance at the Cannes Film Festival did little to convince anyone that they were happy.

But the rumor mill went into overdrive this week, when it was reported that Madonna had been consulting Fiona Shackleton, one of Britain's top divorce lawyers, who famously represented Sir Paul McCartney in his bitter divorce from Heather Mills.

Guy, meanwhile, is said to have been in discussion with another prestigious law firm, Forsters.

The couple are now said to be "living as brother and sister rather than husband and wife".

A formal announcement of their separation, supposedly has been delayed until Madonna's upcoming tour is completed in Mexico on November 29.

So what has brought their relationship to crisis point?

"As Madonna's biographer, I have spent the past weeks talking to some of her and Guy's closest friends and associates about the reasons for all this fevered speculation." "In doing so, I learned that not only is there real trouble in paradise, but that Madonna is handling the situation in very much the same way she handles everything else - with ruthless professionalism."

"The possibility that they might divorce has been the elephant in the room between Madonna and Guy for at least the last two years," a friend of the couple reveals.

"Neither of them is shocked about it. They both knew it was coming. Now, for Madonna at least, it's about efficiency. For her, it's just something else on the agenda, a matter to be handled quickly and reasonably."

"Only recently, she told Guy: "You know it's over and I know it's over. So, let's just do it in as civilised a way as we can."

"I think she believed that if there was an understanding between them before the tour began, he wouldn't have as much right to complain about his and the children's lives being turned upside down, as he has done in the past."

Madonna once said that she and Guy "have been having the same fight for many years". She was referring to the stress her work puts on her family life.

"Every couple of years, it's the same story," adds the source. "She makes a record. She tours to promote it. It causes chaos in their lives. He complains. They fight- a lot. The tour ends. She promises "never again". Two years go by, and then she plans another record and another tour."

Madonna is determined to make this tour her greatest yet, but she's also trying to formulate a way to keep the family together, at least until it's over.

"It's important to her that the children live as normal a life as possible when they are on the road with her this summer," another source explains.

"She fears that a big announcement will put them under even more scrutiny. If nothing is said before the tour, she and Guy can then share possession of the children without the Press viewing it as a custody battle."

"Also, Guy can visit her and the kids on the road if he wants to, and it won't cause an avalanche of speculation about a possible reconciliation."

Guy's position, as put by one of his close friends, is that "his wife is an extremely difficult spouse".

"He has taken to describing her with two words, "absolutely impossible", ' says one of Ritchie's friends. 'The world might see her as driven and talented but, as he sees it, she's just never happy with her life, his life, or anyone else's. 'Or, as he once put it to me: "That one's never satisfied and I'm afraid it's going to catch up with her one day.'' '

"Guy's life became all about managing the day-to-day whirlwind that is his wife's career,' says the source. 'It's always chaos, very distracting and all encompassing."

Another friend of Guy's painted an even bleaker picture. 'If you were to really look back on his relationship with Madonna, it's been one emasculation after another. 'For instance, he is constantly thought of in the media as 'Mr Madonna' - which upsets him. He knows he's been viewed as little more than her bag holder for a long time. But when Madonna started directing short films a couple of years ago, he felt she had crossed a line. 'Could she not leave one thing for him? She makes music, she makes videos, she writes children's books, she acts, could she not leave the film directing to him? 'All of it just made him look bad in the public eye.'

'Guy is famous for something else, entirely, being Madonna's husband, and that hasn't helped him, at all. Any time a film studio decides to green light a project, it's putting tens of millions of dollars behind it.

'However, many movie executives haven't wanted to take the risk of finding out whether or not Guy is just "Mr Madonna" or still a decent director. As a result, important projects in recent years haven't got off the ground for him.'

For her part, Madonna feels that Guy has, in certain ways, crumbled in recent years. 'He has not been there for her,' says one of Madonna's friends.

'She gives a lot. She works hard. And he just hasn't been that supportive lately. So, yes, they have had some blazing rows. They are passionate people and they fight hard.

'For instance, it galls Madonna that she gives Guy career advice all the time and he never, ever takes it. She truly believes she is a genius in business, and many people might agree.

Another of Guy's friends describes his marriage to Madonna as having been a 'golden handcuffs' situation for him. When he met Madonna in 1998, he still had a steady income. However, with the passing of the years, that income dried up while his style of living was enhanced, ten-fold.

'The marriage soon presented a very complex power differential,' the source maintains. 'Being an Englishmen from a very conventional family, Guy has a traditional concept of a man and woman's role in a relationship, and that just hasn't added up in his day-to-day with Madonna. I think he's felt trapped and hasn't known how to proceed.

'Clearly, Madonna is the one holding all the cards. She's the one with the big guns when it comes to any type of negotiation. 'He's smart, though. He waited it out until even she had to admit that the marriage was over. Maybe he felt she would be fairer if it was her idea rather than his. 'All I know is that when she finally came to him recently and said: "Look it's over." He was relieved.'

Madonna's finances are, at this point, difficult to ascertain. Certainly, many hundreds of millions are at stake, much of which has been earned in the past seven years. Last year alone she signed a $100million deal with concert promotion company Live Nation, not just for shows and tour merchandising but also for future recordings. It's one of the biggest contracts in the history of the entertainment business.

Reports have suggested that she may now have to give up as much as half of her recent fortune to pay Guy off, since the couple are thought not to have a pre-nuptial agreement.

However, some of Madonna's friends find this assumption implausible. One told me: 'If you think she would marry Guy without a pre-nup, you don't know her very well, do you? She thinks of everything.' Maybe not this time, though.

Another source very close to the entertainer put it to me like this: 'A huge problem with people's perception of Madonna is that she is thought of as a cold-hearted business woman at the expense of everything else in her life. However, she does not view her personal life as a business.

'She wanted a healthy marriage and children from the time she was about 35, a goal separate and apart from her career. When she met Guy, she was following her heart. She felt she hit the lottery with him. 'She believed the marriage would last for ever. She couldn't imagine reaching into her purse and pulling out a contract for him to sign. No way. She loved him too much. So, I'm sure there is no pre-nup.

'In that respect, she could have a big problem ahead of her. He may be entitled to quite a lot of money. Yes, this whole thing could be very expensive for her.'

At this point, though, losing a vast chunk of her fortune is not at the forefront of Madonna's mind. She is simply moving on with her life as best she can, setting up a home in one of her New York apartments and making plans to relocate there permanently.

She and Guy have already agreed they will share custody of their three children, say their friends, though of course, any such plans continue to be vehemently denied by her representatives.

In fact, according to reliable sources, by this time next year, the Ritchies will be divorced.

I never even knew why they were together to begin with. They just never really seemed happy..I mean maybe they were in the verryy beginning, but the last 5 years they both seemed miserable. They don't seem happy when they are out in public at all. I'm sure it does make him feel really bad that all he is known for is being Madonna's husband. He has lost all identity of himself which I'm sure has caused him lots of issues. I'm sure they signed a pre-nup, she would of been stupid not to, regardless how in love she was; she was worth tons then. But staying together for the media just seems so silly, then again I'm not a celebrity so I don't know how tough it is to have your whole life scrutinized like that. I guess it's just easier for them to "play" marriage for another couple months, then divorce and then she can go into hiding. Oh well, guess we'll see what happens!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Michelle Williams Denies Reports Of Problems With Heath's Family!!


Supposedly there has been a lot of fighting and tension going on between Michelle William's and Heath Ledger's family after his death. It's all because guessed it right-his MONEY!!! But new reports out are saying she is denying that she's missing the premiere of The Dark Knight because of tension with his family.

"The presumption that Michelle ever intended to attend The Dark Knight premiere is unfounded, but to say she is 'boycotting' due to a rift with Heath's family is absurd," Williams's rep Mara Buxbaum said in a statement.

She added: "It is time to allow this family to go about their lives without this continued scrutiny and speculation."

Ledger's family confirmed that they would be flying from Perth, Western Australia to New York City to attend his premiere on July 14, just days before the six-month anniversary of the actor's death.


Heather Locklear Is In A Treatment Center!!


Heather Locklear is seeking treatment for psychological issues at an Arizona facility, her publicist confirmed.

"Heather has been dealing with anxiety and depression. She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis and treatment," says Locklear's rep, Cece Yorke. "This is a confidential medical matter and no further statement will be released."

Hmmmm I'm surprised her publicist didn't claim that she was "researching a role" or something like that. If this really is the case, then I hope she gets all the help she needs and gets better soon!!

Gwen Looks Ready To Pop!!


Gwen Stefani looks beautiful while relaxing during taking a break from playing with Kingston at a local park. I can't wait for this momma-to-be to finally have her baby. I think she is a great mom and I want to see if this one takes on some "rocker" characteristics as well!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is That A Baby Bump??


So is Gwyneth pregnant or not??

Courtney Love Looks Like A Ghost!!


Check out how gross and skinny Courtney Love looks...just like a skeleton...its disgusting!!

Amy Winehouse Still In Hospital


Amy Winehouse has been put into isolation in hospital as doctors battle to contain her chest infection.

Fortunately tuberculosis tests have proved negative for the singer who has been in hospital since she collapsed on Monday.

Doctors suspected she had TB and banned family and friends from visiting. But they are still not sure what is wrong with her.

Amy has been isolated in hospital since she was admitted on Monday

Only her dad Mitch has been allowed to see her.

A source told The Sun: "Doctors have to take this very seriously.

"She is coughing and spluttering all over the place so visitors would be at risk of catching whatever she has."

Relatives are hoping she will give up plans to perform at Glastonbury and Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party next weekend.

"Doctors still aren't sure what is wrong with her so she must give them more time," the source said.

"Hopefully she will stay in long enough to clean herself up.

"It's approaching a week now since she's taken drugs. It's the first time we've been able to say that in ages.

"This could be her chance to get herself off this stuff which is killing her. If she goes back on stage she will probably get back into bad habits."

A lot of people have been saying it's a stunt to get out of her performance at the birthday party and not get a penalty for it. I'm not so sure I agree with that, why else would doctors keep her in this long....unless they are in on it too-I doubt it but you never know!!

SouljaBoy Fires Back!!

Check out SouljaBoy's response to Ice T Claiming he killed hip-hop!!

Jessica Simpson Takes A Stab At Carrie Underwood


Jessica Simpson has become the latest target for animal rights group PETA after she was spotted wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'Real Girls Eat Meat.'

It is supposedly a subtle dig at boyfriend Tony Romo's ex-girlfriend, country superstar Carrie Underwood - who has twice been named World's Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA.

"Jess is sick of hearing about how Tony still has feelings for Carrie," The Daily Telegraph quoted an insider, as saying "She's obviously trying to poke fun at her rival and let her know who really has Tony's heart," the insider added.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Christie Brinkley's Divorce Will Be Open To The Public


Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's upcoming divorce trial will remain open to the public, a New York judge ruled Friday.

Long Island Judge Mark D. Cohen said in his five-page decision he's keeping the trial open because "open courtrooms, in general and in divorce actions, may provide a basis for societal education."

He added: "The required high burden of compelling reasons to close the courtroom has not been met."

The ruling goes against a motion brought by a law guardian for the children and supported by Cook. Law guardian Theresa Mari argued that some of the evidence revealed at trial could damage their two children – Jack, 12 and Sailor, 9.

Brinkley's attorneys argued to keep the trial open. Divorce trials in New York State are open to the public unless a judge decides to close them.

Cook's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, expressed disappointment and admonished Brinkley for pushing to keep the trial open.

"Obviously, like any father, Peter is disappointed Christie Brinkley has invited their children to attend the divorce trial," said Sheresky. "Why would anyone be happy about that? It's putting herself in front of her children."

But Brinkley's lawyer, Robert Stephan Cohen, said, "The reality is he put himself way in front of his children and his wife when he made the awful decision to destroy the marriage. The trial will get at the truth, which is very important to Christie."

Brinkley also released a statement saying, "I still remain hopeful that these matters can be resolved privately."

The trial begins July 2.


50 Suing For $20 Million


First comes the fire now comes the lawsuit.

Rapper 50 Cent served his former girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, with a $20 million defamation lawsuit on Friday outside a Suffolk County, N.Y., court, for allegedly making offensive and false statements about him.

Following the fire on May 30 which burned down a Long Island home owned by 50 Cent in which Tompkins was living with their 11-year-old son, Marquise – Tompkins made defamatory statements, according to Jackson's court documents, accusing him of "trying to kill" her and their son by setting the fire.

"It's simply not true," Jackson's attorney, Brett Kimmel, said. 50 Cent was in Louisiana filming the movie Microwave Park with Sharon Stone at the time of the blaze.

Despite the defamation suit, Tompkins – who on Friday was granted a temporary order of protection against Jackson by the judge – repeated the sentiments for which she's being sued for.

"He always threatened me," said Tompkins, who filed suit against 50 Cent earlier this year, alleging he promised her the house – valued at $2.4 million – over a decade ago. "If someone threatens you on Monday and you jump out of a second floor window on Friday, that's the facts, you decide."

50 Cent's attorney also filed a visitation petition alleging that since the fire, Tompkins has been deliberately preventing the rapper from seeing his son in part by not revealing their new place of residence, in direct violation of a court order from last June.

"She’s completely cut him off from his son," says Kimmel. "The trouble in the relationship is driven by the anger and hostility that’s coming from her."

But Tompkins says she won't reveal where she and Marquise are staying to Jackson because the fire "was a threat on my life. This is my child's life. This is our lives."

Both Tompkins and Jackson – who was in Canada during the June 20th proceedings – are due in court the morning of July 17 for another hearing. In the meantime, though local fire department officials have deemed the house fire "suspicious," they have not yet ruled it arson, and an investigation is ongoing.

Like I said before it was a very shady situation. And of course now he's going to sue when she says he started the might ruin his muti million dollar rap empire. I wish I could sue someone for $20 million for talking shit about me. I would even take just $1 million lol

Jamie Lynn Has A Baby Girl!!


Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancé Casey Aldridge welcomed a baby girl Thursday morning.

The baby was named Maddie Briann.

"Just the family was there," says a source about the birth around 9:30 a.m. at a hospital in Mississippi, near her Louisiana hometown. "Everyone is healthy and happy."

Jamie Lynn's sister Britney, father Jamie and brother Bryan flew in Wednesday to be with her for the birth; her mother Lynne had been with her helping her get ready for the baby.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When A Man Is Bad For Your Career You Dump Him!!


So when your boyfriend was sued for a bad check and now his charity is being investigated by New York State, it could hurt your career. So what do you do when your in love, but it's just not good for you?? You get rid of him!!

At least that's what Anne Hathaway did. She put on a brave face at her latest film premiere last night after breaking up with long-term boyfriend Raffaello Follieri.

She ended her four year relationship with Raffaello over the weekend.

Last week, it was reported his charity Follieri Foundation, which funded vaccination programmes in developing countries, was being investigated by the New York State Attorney General's Office.

An insider tells the Mail Online that Hathaway made the painful decision to end their relationship because of the effects his controversial business dealings could have on her career.

Hathaway served as a director on the charity's board until some time last year, with her rep saying: 'Since she is no longer associated with the foundation, why would you expect her to be familiar with all of this,' when asked about the investigation.

A source said: 'It's heartbreaking for her to dump him, and she's devastated that it's come to this, but she really didn't have a choice. His scandals were hurting her reputation.'

Despite their split, it remains to be seen if the separation is permanent.

The couple were reported to have split briefly this year after Follieri was sued by a former business associate for bouncing a $215,000 cheque.

Criminal charges against Follieri were dropped after he turned himself into police and settled the outstanding bill.

Hathaway also heard rumours from her friends in New York that the businessman had been flirting with other women while she was away filming. The friend added: 'Raffaello would only ever visit her on sets for short periods of time.

'He was very caught up in his social life and making connections in New York, and stories would get back to Anne about his late nights and carousing, usually with models in the immediate vicinity.'

During the making of Get Smart last summer, Hathaway formed a friendship with co-star Steve Carell, who lent her a supportive ear during her problems with Follieri.

Hathaway's split from Follieri may mean she finally moves to Hollywood, after years of insisting she would remain on the east coast to stay close to her beau.

A pal said: 'She seemed to really be enjoying her freedom, and making new friends in L.A., especially Steve.

'Anne really wants to find a guy like Steve, and if he weren't married, I have no doubt she would date him in a second. 'She's such a fan of his work she couldn't help but quote episodes of 'The Office' to him when they first met. She thinks he's amazing.

'Even though she loves being near her family, a move to Los Angeles could mean better roles, more money, and a better pool of potential boyfriends.'

I mean I guess I can see why she did it. I can't really ever understand because I am not a celebrity and I have no clue what it's like to be dealing with the things she has been dealing with since all of his drama started. I'm sure she has heard so many negative things about him from her family, friends, agent, and fans. I guess she only did what was right for her career, but I wonder if it was what she felt in her heart. She was with this guy for 4 years so she had to love him..Right?? This must be so hard on her, dealing with all his legal woes and sticking by his side the whole time and now all the attention she is going to get from the break-up..poor girl!! I do wish her good luck and I'm happy she got rid of him, if that's really what she felt in her heart, not just that it was good for her career. Like hasn't she already made enough money that she could leave Hollywood with her love and live with him somewhere forever?? Then again maybe he wasn't worth it!!!

Nice Hair Naomi!!!


Naomi Campbell was enjoying a night at Cipriani in Mayfair with a group of friends when the drama unfolded. As usual.

The supermodel, whose receding hairline was clearly visible as she brushed her hair back, was happy to pose for pictures as she left after dinner.

But, in a flash, she started shouting and ran back inside where she waited for a couple of minutes. She then re-emerged with her friends shielding her, reportedly shouting and screaming at them before she got into her waiting car, where she soon slumped sideways.

Despite the threat of a jail sentence hanging over her following her air rage incident at Heathrow's Terminal 5 last month, the model has been partying her way around Europe, first at Cannes, and then cruising the Mediterranean with new beau Marcus Elias. Naomi arrived in London following a luxury cruise around the Italian island of Capri with new beau Marcus whom she met at a Vogue party in Sao Paulo, Brazil last February .

Last month, she was charged with six separate offences including three counts of assault on police, two counts of threatening, abusive words or behaviour to cabin crew and one count of disorderly behaviour likely to cause harm or distress following her arrest at Heathrow Airport on April 4th.

Just days before Yves Saint Laurent died, Naomi was named as the French fashion house's new spokesmodel.

This girl is crazy...but I have to admit, it is nice to see a "supermodel" with a receding hair line!!

Tony Romo Laughs At All The Rumors


So for the first time Tony Romo is speaking out against the rumors. First reports that Joe Simpson was interfering with his relationship with Jessica Simpson and his business affairs, and secondly that his parents did not approve of or get along with the Simpson family.

Tony Romo released a statement to PEOPLE saying, "It's all laughable.”

In his statement, Romo insisted that the characterizations are "so far from the truth."

A source also confirmed that Romo's father, Ramiro, went to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga., with Joe Simpson earlier this year and "had a great time."

And there was more family bonding when, after spending a couple of days in Dallas, Jessica and Tony shared a lunch date Friday with sister Ashlee and new husband Pete Wentz at a Chili's in Encino, Calif.

"Jess was giggling and grabbing onto Tony. They were both very natural and sweet with each other," says a source. "It was cute to see the sisters and their guys having such a good time."

So looks like everyone was wrong about these two. They have fights just like everyone else. Tony flirts with girls in bars like most guys. But when you are a celebrity those things that all normal people do draw so much attention to yourself and cause rumors to fly. Glad they are still together, happy and Tony put the rumors to rest....for now!!!

[source: people]

Britneys House For Sale And Reports Of Suicide!!


Ok #1-Why does Britney look like such shit in this picture??
#2- She does look very pregnant-for someone who is always photographed at Bally's gym, working out as much as she supposedly does, she wouldn't have that gut going on!!

It's been a real busy week already for Ms. Spears...

Britney Spears's father intends to sell her Studio City home in the latest liquidation of her assets, it was revealed in Los Angeles probate court Tuesday.

The hilltop house, located in a gated community, has been the scene of the recent drama in the singer's life, including the night in January she was taken from the property in an ambulance and forced into a psychiatric hospital.

It was not immediately clear where she intends to move. But a source close to Spears said, "Having more privacy and wide open spaces for her to raise her boys has been a goal for some time."

In March, a court granted her father, Jamie Spears, the power to "sell or dispose of" an undisclosed number of her seven cars. Jamie remains in legal control of his daughter's affairs until a July 31 hearing.

Also, her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, said in court that Britney would be out of state for several days – but he did not offer an explanation of why or where.

Another source said that Spears is set to head back to Louisiana this week to be by her sister Jamie Lynn Spears's side as the younger sibling welcomes her first child with fiancé Casey Aldridge.

In other Britney News...

According to a new unauthorised biography, Britney Spears tried to kill herself on two separate occasions,

Investigative journalist Ian Halperin makes the claim in his yet-to-be-released book, which he researched over 18 months as an undercover photographer.

In an interview with American magazine Life & Style, Halperin, who has written biographies on Kurt Cobain and Celine Dion among others, says: 'I spoke with her many times and went to her house.

'I will say the suicide attempts are true. I know all the details about both of them.'

An Britney family insider confirmed to the publication that the singer regularly hinted at suicide, and revealed her suicidal tendencies began after the birth of her second son Jayden James in September 2006.

The source says: 'It really became an issue once Jayden was born and it became clear Britney's marriage to Kevin was crumbling.'

'That's when she began to say things like "I wish I was dead" or "It'd be better if I could go to sleep and never wake up" on a regular basis.'

'It really seemed like the suicide option was a comfort to her, an escape route in case life became too much to handle.'

Britney's well-documented erratic behaviour has calmed in recent months under the watch of her father and conservator Jamie, but the author believes she's still at risk.

He says: 'I think she's in danger of a catastrophic relapse. Britney herself warned me that with her, it's always two steps forward, one step back.'

Adds the insider: 'She's on major medications. And she's being micro-managed and controlled to the extreme by her parents, the courts and a huge team of doctors and handlers.'

'She's like a zombie now. She's a shell of her old self.'

Poor Brit!! I thought she was getting better..maybe she is and this is just all old news. I hope so, I was really pulling for a Britney comeback!!!


"Yes, I swore, and I'm so f------ sorry"-Joan Rivers Apologizes


"Yes, I swore, and I'm so f------ sorry," the comedian, Joan Rivers said in a statement – though the statement actually had the same offending word Rivers used on the chat show Loose Women(a British version of The View).

When she was asked about the challenges of interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. She said, "Get ready to bleep this," before using the offending words while talking about Russell Crowe. Only she really let herself go, describing the actor Russell Crowe as a ‘piece of f****** s***’.

"I enjoy it when they’re nice, and you know what I’m saying. You get someone like Russell Crowe, and you want to say to the camera he is a piece of – get ready to bleep this – f****** s***!" (Her exact quote from the show)


As her fellow panellists giggled nervously, an unabashed Miss Rivers explained she
thought her expletives would be ‘bleeped out’.

Presenter Jackie Brambles replied: ‘But we haven’t got a bleeper – we’re live!’

Rivers, who was on the show promoting her live show Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress By a Life in Progress, which will open the Edinburgh International Festival in August, was then asked to leave the set during a commercial break.

"We do apologize for that," the host said into the camera. "Joan didn't realize that we were absolutely live."

Yesterday at a show in London, when ashed about the "mistake", Rivers said she was "thrilled" to have been hauled off during a commercial break. "They whipped me off. It’s the first time in 40 years, she said. "I’m thrilled – everyone keeps saying to me, What more is there in your career? You’ve got every award there is. I’m certainly not mellowing with age. Viewers, people have heard the word f***. No one told me the TV show Loose Women was a reality show and that I would be voted off," said she later in her statement. "It's funny: offstage, I hardly ever use profanity. My favorite four-letter word is shop."

An ITV spokesman released their statement saying: "We would like to apologize to Loose Women viewers for the inappropriate language used by Joan Rivers on today’s show. Loose Women guests are always briefed that it is a live daytime show and as such are reminded not to swear or use inappropriate language."

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong...So Happy Together!!


I love how happy these two are together!!! It's great to see them both with the hugest smiles on their faces...guess they really are in love. This was taken while they were hanging out in New York.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bruce Springsteen Is The Best!!


So I saw this picture of Bruce Springsteen and being the true Jersey Girl I am, I knew I had to post it. I'm not really sure about what there doing, but it was from a couple days ago when his wife,daughter, and himself were out shopping in New York City I think. They look like such a cute, happy family. I love him!!!

Heidi Looking Surprisingly Good!!


When I first saw this picture I didn't realize who it was. Then I looked closely and saw it was Heidi without any make-up on or Spencer attached to her ass. She actually doesn't look bad at all, except for looking a little tired. I think she almost looks better than she does normally.

Is Kim Pregnant??


Here is Kim Kardashian in Monte Carlo promoting her show. Why is she standing with her hand on her stomach like that?? Is she hiding something?? She does look really awkward. Maybe Reggie knocked her up...I really hope not!!

Naomi Campbell Is A MESS!!


Naomi Campbell almost tumbled to the ground after a night out with friends in Italy on Wednesday.

Luckily, there was a man on hand to catch her. But the fellow - who was not quite as tall as the statuesque Miss Campbell - appeared to be struggling with his burden.

At one point, he seemed about to drop the giggling bundle of flailing limbs and flying hair.

The London-born model and her party had arrived on the island of Capri by boat earlier that day, and entered a nightclub at 1am.

They eventually left in high spirits at 3am and shortly afterwards Miss Campbell had her little fall. Once she had regained her composure, the group headed off into the night, leaving behind some amused onlookers.

'We heard a little shriek and turned around,' said one. 'She was close to having a very embarrassing moment indeed, but managed to laugh it off though.' But a spokesman for Miss Campbell denied that she fell. 'Naomi was just joking around with friends,' the spokesman said. 'She was pretending to fall to see who would catch her.'

Right I'm sure that was the case...Regardless who cares?? So what if she did fall..other than making a funny picture it's not like it would end her career or anything. Not like she really has too great of one anymore anyways.


Chris Martin Can't Get Over Brad Pitt and Gwyneth's Engagement


Chris Martin is married to one of the most beautiful and successful actress's in the world, so why is he jealous??

Well in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Chris has admitted he still cannot deal with the fact that his wife Gwyneth Paltrow used to be engaged to Brad Pitt. He said that it still plays on his mind and drives him to make a success of his life.

"You've got to be hungry," Chris says.

"If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you'd want to prove yourself, you know what I mean?"


Chris insists his wife is the only woman he has ever had a serious relationship with.

And he admits that growing up he worried about being gay.

"It was more like, 'Oh s***, what if?', because was brought up to think it was wrong," he said. "But then it struck me: who gives a s**t? And then it wasn't a problem. It sounds silly to say it now, but when you're a kid you think, 'I'm going to burn in hell for eternity if I like other guys or if I marry someone Jewish'."

But he eventually calmed down when he realized he was heterosexual.

"I was swayed by boobs," he says. "Let's face it, they're fantastic." Even so, it was not until he was 22 that he finally lost his virginity. "There were religious issues and s**t like that," he says, adding: "Also confidence. I had a tricky time with girls. "I got trapped in the friendship tip many, many times. "I don't want to be the person that makes everyone laugh before they go off and bang. I want to be the guy that everybody bangs." He says that was the key driving force in his career course. "I was like, 'I need to be a rock star'," he says.

"Why the hell else would I waste my time doing it?" Gwyneth, he insists, is his only true love. "I've only been in one serious relationship," he said. "Is that weird? I don't think it's that weird."

Despite getting into a band to impress women and suffering a severe backlash from critics Martin insists he adores his job.

"Are you kidding? I f***ing die for it," he said.

"I just can't believe I've got it."

Wow he really needs to get over that fact. And even if he can't get over it, why would you admit it to a magazine, that is so stupid. It makes him look pathetic. Her and Brad Pitt broke up 11 years ago, he is married with kids as well. I always liked him until I read this interview. Maybe he's trying to come off sounding sweet like he loves his wife so much blah blah blah but it doesn't sound like sounds crazy!!

What's With Victoria Beckham's Outfit??

Normally Victoria Beckham is all about fashion, so why on a recent trip to Disneyland with her family was she wearing these jeans??


All over she is getting criticized for this outfit. The jeans proved a particularly unusual choice, considering Posh has spent months promoting her own dVb brand of slim-line denim both in the US and UK. Since when does she not wear a shirt where her little bit of cleavage is hanging out?? And flip flops?? I have never seen her pictured without ridiculous heels on. Guess she wanted to look casual and normal while walking around Disney. I don't know. At least she stuck to her huge sunglasses and the even bigger frown on her face. Personally I like this look on her, she looks very normal. This is the place for that outfit, it's not like she was at a fashion show or anything.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Are Back Together...Again!!


Rolling Stone was interviewing Mötley Crüe in their Hollywood rehearsal studio yesterday about their summer CrueFest tour and some crazy information was revealed.

"Pamela and the kids have moved in with me,” Lee told Rolling Stone. "It’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working. You can tell on the kids’ faces — they’re happy when we’re together.”

They have two children together, and were divorced in 1998.

As we all know this isn't the first time the two have tried to get back together.

"We’ve only given it a try 800 times — 801, here we go," Lee told the magazine.

I kinda saw it coming, this past week they have been photographed together all over town shopping for plants and stuff so I thought maybe they were going to get back together. I know they usually hang out a lot, even when Pam was married to Kid Rock and briefly to Rick Soloman, but usually it's because of something for the kids. This time there were no children in the pictures!! Oh well...hey maybe they are meant to be and it will take this millionth time for them to realize that. Good luck to both of them!!

[source:rolling stone]

Michael Jackson Is Trying To Make Some Money!!


So we all know that financially Michael Jackson is hurting. He was so close to losing his Neverland Ranch until that company came in and helped him out. I'm not sure why he didn't just get rid of it since he hasn't been there since his last child molestation case but whatever.

Anyway, his new get rich plan is pretty much like every other celebrities out there, start up a clothing line(followed by perfume, shoes, handbags...anything they can stamp their name to lol). And no, the clothing is not for little boys!! Supposedly Jackson is working with Ed Hardy designer, Christian Audigier. The source says, "It's still in the developing stages, but it's going to be big. This will be a major comeback for Michael. He's dedicating a lot of his time and money to this venture." What money is he dedicating to this?? Probably not his own, I'm sure some investors.

In case you live under a rock, Ed Hardy is the new hot clothing designer that all the teens, and celebs are wearing(I even have some shirts from them!!) But anyway it's priced ridiculously high and I'm sure that it will continue to sell millions with or without his name on it. A couple weeks ago I had also told you guys how Britney was in talks with him to design stuff as well. Maybe that's his new clothing line...failing celebs designing shirts??

Lynne Spears Book Will Be Realease This Fall!!


A while ago, we had heard about Lynne Spears(Britney and Jamie Lynn's momma) writing a memoir. I haven't heard anything about it in a long time, then yesterday the publisher confirmed that her book will be released this fall. The book it titled; Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World" is most likely going to be in bookstore September.

"When Jamie Lynn got pregnant, it was put on hold," says a spokesman for Thomas Nelson, which publishes inspirational books and Bibles. "Lynne never stopped working on it because she wants to express her love for her children and tell their stories through a mother's eyes."

Spears's manuscript "will not be a parenting book," he says. "It's her story of what it was like being a mom and raising two very famous people. It's a memoir."

I remember when I first heard of this that the book was going to be a religious parenting book and how much criticism she was getting about it. Everyone was basically saying who was she to write about that kind of topic when her one daughter was so messed up and going crazy and her other daughter was an unmarried, pregnant teen. I thought she cancelled the idea all together and hoped everyone forgot about it, but it seems she hasn't. I do have a theory on it though. It was supposed to be a parenting book, why else would the publisher rep clearly say it is not a parenting book. If it wasn't supposed to be one in the first place, no one would even think that. I think she scrapped the idea and during that time wrote up this new book about raising famous children. I have a feeling it's going to be a sympathy cry kinda memoir. And more importantly who cares about her memoir?? I don't care about her raising her daughters because guess what?? I have seen it all, ever since Britney Spears has been famous there has been countless stories about her life on biography, vh1 and every other channel . Besides, what about all the books that have been written on her already, fan websites, and blogs. So I for one will not be ordering a copy of this book--Will you?? Will anybody?? I'm sure a bunch of people will because they think it's going to have some juicy details...IT WON'T..she is still her mom and is not going to "sell out" her daughter..Britney is after all, Lynne's paycheck!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Simpson Girls Looking Pretty!!


Jessica looks beautiful on a night out, but her bag is just not my style. It would be cute if it was maybe half the size, but that wouldn't be Jessica. She is famous for having way too big purses, and this one fits her criteria; it's almost the same size as her. When I think of the clutch bag, I think of something tiny and cute..hmm I don't know, guess I was wrong!!


Momma to be Ashlee all dressed up and looking nice. Normally she is very tomboyish from her style to her body shape, so it's nice to see that she has been showing up places wearing dresses more often, and her body already seems to be taking on some of those pregnancy curves. She really does look great. Oh and that huge rock on her finger does always makes a nice accessory haha!!

Being Pregnant With Twins Really Suprised Angelina!!!


When Angelina Jolie found out she was pregnant with twins she was taken aback. Her and Brad have always talked about expanding their family, so why the shock??

"We weren't expecting twins," Angelina tells Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. "So it did shock us, and we jumped to six [children] quickly. But we like a challenge."

With a house full of kids, Jolie says she needs help – so it's a good thing there's family around to pitch in. "[Brad's] mom and dad are on standby to come out and help," she says.

But the real focus, she says, is making sure their other children feel included when their new siblings are born. "They're old enough to feel included to change diapers themselves, to feed bottles themselves, like if I pump into a bottle. We're trying to find ways where it can be a fun group thing ... Everybody gets special time so we can make sure we know where they're at."

As for how she's handling being pregnant with twins, the actress tells EW she's taking it easy and letting Pitt handle all the heavy lifting – literally. "We've worked out a system where Brad just lifts [the kids] to me every time they want to come up," she says. "I just don't bend down. I'll scream, 'Honey!' and he'll come running and lift them up."

And pregnancy has other benefits as well. "It's great for the sex life," she says. "It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you're just so round and full."

I wish these kids would come out already so I can stop hearing about them and how much money they are worth...It's making me jealous!!!


Grill Master-Mario Lopez!!


I'm sure the ladies were lined up around the block on Tuesday for a chance to get close to newly single Mario Lopez. Plus the fact his apron is urging them to "Kiss The Cook". He got to play grill master at an Oscar Mayer event in New York's Times Square to benefit the food bank Second Harvest.

Britney And Mel's Night Out!!!


Just a couple weeks ago Mel Gibson, his wife, Britney Spears and her dad all vacationed together in Costa Rica. Last night Mel and Britney met up again, this time at an exclusive Beverly Hills cigar club.

For more than two-and-a-half hours, the pair met in what was confirmed as a more of an ongoing guidance session than a business pow-wow.

For this "meeting" at the members-only Havana Club, both showed up separately shortly before 7 p.m.

When Spears arrived, her bodyguard drove a Jeep Commander into the underground parking garage, and she exited with her blonde hair up and pulled back by a white headband. Also with Spears was her assistant Brett.

"She looked pretty in her new Capri jeans a blue blouse, white shoes and a brown bag," says a photographer. Earlier in the day, Spears was seen shopping at the Lisa Kline boutique in Beverly Hills, where she purchased the new jeans and tried on several necklaces.

"Britney looked like a doll with bright red lipstick," added the photographer, who described her as "very quiet" and "with a serious look on her face as she walked in to the Havana Club."

An upbeat Gibson left his silver Lexus with the valet and walked in holding what was described as a "man-purse" up to his face and a look of "okay, you got me" as paparazzi snapped his picture.

Around 9:30, Britney left the club for home, while Mel hung around until about 11.

Maybe he really is helping her out and offering her this good guidance. She hasn't had any negative stories published about her in a while or any crazy outbursts. Her life is getting back on track, things are getting better concerning her sons, everything seems to slowly be working itself out. Hopefully Britney will be back to her complete normal self very soon!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Serena and Common Look Like A Couple To Me!!


Serena Williams and Common stepped out together yesterday in Hollywood. The tennis star has remained silent about the pair's rumored romance, only telling Ebony magazine, "I think he's a great guy." I think they look like a couple and I think that if they aren't a couple they would make a really great one. They both seem like very good, intelligent, hard working people. I wish them both luck!!

Jessica Simpson's New Lingerie Line!!


Jessica Simpson is now going to be designing lingerie. The singer already has successful handbag, shoe, sunglass and swimsuit lines, and now
Jessica Simpson’s Intimates will be joining her empire.

The collection of bras, undies, sleepwear and daywear will hit major department stores and online shopping sites just in time for spring ‘09. Jessica tells Women’s Wear Daily, “I like different lingerie for different occasions. I think that’s the best thing about it. You can feel sexy or girly depending on your mood.” She also promises to include a stylish assortment of shapewear so women no longer need to worry about panty lines.


Jessica and Tori Both Had Girls!!!

Two new beautiful babies have been welcomed into the world!! Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling both gave birth to happy and healthy baby girls, just not on the same day.


Jessica's baby, Honor Marie Warren was born June 7 in Los Angeles, her rep, Brad Cafarelli, confirmed.

The actress recently did some last-minute shopping for baby gear at Bel Bambini on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, picking up items such as Born Free baby bottles and a Boppy pillow for breastfeeding.

"She seemed relaxed," says a source, "and ready to welcome home her baby."

As for the kind of parent she plans to be, the actress recently told Fit Pregnancy that she'll walk the line between tough and nurturing. "I don't want to be my child's best friend. I want to be a mom," she said. "But I do want my child to come to me when they have problems and need to talk, so it's going to be about treading that line."


Tori's second baby, Stella Doreen McDermott was born yesterday at 3:13 p.m. in a Los Angeles hospital via C-section.
She weighed 6 lbs., 8 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long, a rep for Spelling said.

The couple also have a 1-year-old son, Liam Aaron

"I've always wanted a little girl since I'm such a girly girly," said Spelling, who had an emotional reaction when she found out. "I immediately started crying. I couldn't believe it. I have my beautiful little boy and now I'll have my little girl! It's amazing.

The actress, who reconciled with her mom Candy after Liam was born, hopes to correct the mistakes of the past. "Because my mother and I have always had a complicated relationship, I always wanted a girl to prove that the past doesn't have to repeat itself," she said. "I can't wait to be a great mom and friend to her."

Seems like a tiny stab at her mom there. But oh well, I'm happy for both of these moms, and I'm sure in the next few days some pictures of the babies will be out. Unless of course Angelina and Brad have the twins because in that case everyone else's children will be forgotten about for the $15 Million dollar babies!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Amy Winehouse Apolgizes After Yet ANOTHER Horrible Video!!


Amy Winehouse has apologized after being caught in yet another shameful video filmed by her husband Blake Fielder-Civic. The video shows her surrounded by evidence of drugs and singing racist chants.

This shocking video comes just days after Sir Ian Blair called for celebrities caught taking drugs on camera to be put on trial. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said jurors should be given the chance to decide if illegal substances have been taken, reasoning that: 'a sensible jury would not expect people to be snorting talcum powder'.

The video shows Amy and another woman singing racist football chants to the tune of children's song 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.

However, they have replaced the words with 'Blacks, pakis, gooks and nips' followed by: 'And deaf and dumb and blind and gay'.

A coffee table can be seen in the background displaying six cigarette lighters and a substance which looks like heroin on a foil.

In another section Blake asks Amy to perform a sex act on him in the public stairwell of a hotel. This is followed by a confused sequence showing shots of the steps and carpet.

Further footage shows Amy asleep while a friend Eddie discusses which drugs they have taken. He tells Blake 'A little bit of E, a little bit of C and a few beers, watched telly, smoked crack.'

The friend who released the video and photos claimed she did it to show the hold Blake has on Amy.

In the one photo, a woman stands in front of a coffee table covered with evidence of drug taking including a ripped Rizla packet, empty cocaine wraps, a plastic cash card and a rolled up dollar bill. In the other photo, Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall is pictured smoking from what appears to be a glass crack pipe.

'Blake's clearly the instigator behind the idea of them having risky public sex. It looks like the camera was a new toy he wanted to try out,' the source told the News of the World. She added: 'Some might say Blake's been the unwitting architect of Amy's downfall. But to risk all Amy's achievements and all her future by committing this sort of material to camera is beyond the pale.'

The video was revealed just as Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse insisted she was beating her drug addictions. He admitted he had seen his daughter look like she was dying but said he was confident of her recovery from drug addiction. 'If people could see the real Amy - the full picture, not just the worst photos - they would realize she is not in a constant pit of misery or permanently drug-addled. 'She's upbeat -even jolly- and she's been writing some fantastic new songs. She's really looking forward to performing again,She is getting better, working hard, standing by her husband and desperate to have a family.I honestly think in two years she will be fit, healthy and having babies - and motherhood will be her drug.' he told The People newspaper.

The picture above is from this morning where Amy appeared on the steps of her London home and said sorry to photographers for her racist chants.

I can't believe she would let another video like this get out. If you are famous why would you let people film you. It was not just her and her husband there, a couple friends were there so why film this. She was lucky enough to get out of it the first time because they couldn't prove exactly what she was doing in the video. If I was her I would of found every video I ever had of myself and destroyed them all. Then again if she was all drugged up she probably doesn't even remember all the videos or if there was any to begin with. Poor girl, I really hope she has gotten the help her father is claiming and she will be back to making great music.

Snoop tells Beyonce and Jay-Z to Make Some Babies!!

Snoop Dogg knows a lot about marriage and children after being married 10 years and having 3 kids.

He has some advice for new husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles.

"I told them to go home and make babies," he told reporters at the Dodge Celebrity Event in Rosamond, Calif. "They should, that's the next step as far as marriage, having kids ... add on to the family, so hopefully that's what they'll do."

When asked if he's planning on adding on to his family, he shook his head, grinning. "No. I'm good."

Snoops key to a lasting marriage? "Communication, and being able to fight and get back up," he says. "To have a misunderstanding and [then] get some understanding."

Paris Hilton Gets Her Drink On--Throwing Away Pregnancy Rumors


Friday night at dinner Paris Hilton had a swig of pink champagne putting an end to all the pregnancy rumors out there.

Paris was in Vegas filming her new show My New BFF for MTV, her and the 7 remaining contestants hung out and ate dinner.

Even surrounded by all these girls desperate for her attention, she had one guy on her mind. Hilton said that her boyfriend of nearly four months, Benji Madden, is her "best boyfriend". Madden, was there, hanging back most of the night, along with sister Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg, as his girl was in the spotlight.

After dinner, Hilton and the girls headed to Tao nightclub where the star of the show was greeted with her song "Stars Are Blind." For the next two hours Hilton smoked cigarettes and danced with the seven remaining contestants on the club's catwalk, all while cameras rolled.

And the partying wasn't done after Tao, with the group heading to the exclusive Mirage villas for an afterparty where they were entertained by Las Vegas showman and Paris friend Jeff Beacher.

At the party, Hilton did more to confirm her non-pregnancy by gulping Grey Goose and Patron Silver tequila before she and Madden headed back to their suite at The Venetian.

"She's clearly not pregnant," said a guest at the afterparty.

I don't know...maybe she's the kind of girl who ignores those precautions, and drinks and smokes while pregnant. Those pictures made her really look like she was pregnant, I guess she is just relationship happy and gaining a couple pounds!!


Lisa Marie's Baby Bump!!


Lisa Marie looks as if she is going to burst. She is expecting her third child.
The 40-year-old is married to guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood.
Presley's agent confirmed rumors the singer was pregnant in March after she was first pictured with a bump in her belly, and said: 'The couple are incredibly overjoyed'.

Lisa Marie's marriage to Lockwood is her fourth in 20 years. She has two children, Danielle and Benjamin, from her first marriage to musician Danny Keough, which lasted from October 1988 until 1994. Her marriage to singer Michael Jackson, who she wed in May 1994, lasted just 21 months and her nuptials with actor Nicolas Cage lasted just three. Lisa Marie was then engaged to rocker John Oszajca before marrying Lockwood in Japan, in January 2006.

I think she looks gross in this picture. Normally I think she is a very pretty lady but I don't know what it is. I've seen pictures of her when she was pregnant with her last 2 kids and she didn't look bad then so I don't know what is going on with her now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy Night at L.A.'s Crown Bar!!!

Last night was a busy night at L.A.'s Crown Bar. Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen, were spotted giggling and whispering to each other at . At one point, the pair – who sat at a table near the deejay booth – walked hand-in-hand across the dance floor and perched together in an unoccupied corner to continue their conversation.

Nicole's twin/copycat/sometimes best friend Paris Hilton and boyfriend Benji Madden hung out with Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg. Later in the night they were joined by Audrina Patridge, who table-hopped around the bar. Also making the scene: Patridge's Hills costars Lauren Conrad and Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth, as well as Jamie Foxx and Dave Navarro, who had his arm around a blonde female companion.

Ashlee Enjoys A Quiet Night Out!!


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, had a quiet business dinner at Il Sole in West Hollywood. Greeted by fans on her way into the Italian eatery, the mom-to-be was "totally sweet and very gracious," says a restaurant patron. "They were complimenting her music and Ashlee raved about Jessica's country album."

Love how supportive they are of each other!!

Justin Timberlake Loves Golfing Around!!


Justin Timberlake even looks sexy with his serious golf game face on. He is trying to get out of a sand trap during the U.S. Open Golf Challenge, held at the Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, Calif. He's always wanted to be a professional golfer, maybe he'll make it some day!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ashley Tisdale Does Not Have AIDS!!!


Several Internet posts Thursday said the actress/singer Ashley Tisdale may have contracted the disease from her rhinoplasty procedure last year. By Friday the rumor mill kicked into overdrive causing some panicked fans to post YouTube videos to "Pray for Ashley."

"Online reports that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale has been diagnosed HIV positive are completely untrue," her rep, Scott Appel says.

Another Internet site posted what it claimed was a statement from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. But Cedars-Sinai spokesperson Simi Singer says, "We absolutely did not issue a release."

Ashley is currently in Salt Lake City filming High School Musical 3.

I feel bad for the poor girl, having this horrible rumor about her going around. Some sites out there have nothing better to do than make up bullshit because they have nothing else to write about. Even having fake statements from the hospital and stuff, that is just wrong. People should stop going to those sites and supporting the lives of pathetic people who try to ruin other successful people's lives. This girl is 22 and a hard working woman and people just want to shoot that down. Even with all the uncertainty that took place when this rumor first broke, her fans stood tall and were extremely supportive of her through it all. You Go Girl--Fight off those rumor starting ignorant idiots, and thank your fans!!!

The ladies Of "The Real Housewives Of Orange County and New York City" Fight Backstage!!!


During the Wednesday taping of the Bravo A-List Awards the casts of The Real Housewives of Orange County and New York City almost fought each other. It was all over the script the ladies were supposed to read during the awards ceremony.

According to New York “Housewife” Bethenny Frankel, the argument started when O.C. Housewife Jeana Tomasina didn't like the script that was given to the Housewives to say on stage.

“They [The O.C. Housewives] said in our material that my apartment is a two-by-four, and it’s actually a one-by-two, and so I can take it, I don’t care,” Frankel said “But they’re offended that I’m saying something about them living 65 miles from the beach. Jeana said, ‘I don’t think that’s funny.’”

Jill Zarin from the N.Y.C. cast said, “Bethenny gave a dressing down in the dressing room to one of the Housewives,” but O.C. cast member Tamra Barney tells the story differently.

Barney asserts that Frankel actually came after her physically: “Bethenny scratched me a little bit. I swear to god. She tried to get me from behind and I put my arm up, and she scratched me. I covered it with makeup.”

Later that evening Frankel denied that it became physical, but alluded to the fact that the argument was far from over. “Watch what happens,” Frankel warned, adding: “Give me a can of hairspray and a match, and I’ll take care of that in the dressing room later.”

Wow these ladies need to grow up. Seriously they all are basically a bunch of nobodies, who had the chance to go on t.v. and now think they are the shit. Well let me tell you ladies...YOU ARE NOT THE SHIT AND YOU ARE VERRYYYY FAR FROM IT!!! So besides the fact they have a little bit of money, no one knew who they were before Bravo had to shove this horrible show at us. And of course since I'm addicted to reality(scripted) t.v., I sit here and watch both of these pieces of crap. While I sit there with my eyes glued to the show I think about how bad I hate all them and wish I could make myself turn the channel, but I can't. So as much as I hate them, inside I secretly love them. Don't tell anyone, cause this is what makes me a very big hypocrite!!!

Is there anyone else like me, that has a love/hate relationship with either one of these shows?? Actually I really only like the Orange County one, don't much care for the New York ladies. Leave me comments, let me know how you feel about them!!


Lauren & Audrina "Things Will Work Out"


Lauren Conrad and Audrina Partridge were both at a bowling party Thursday at upscale alley Strike Orange County but no where near each other. They were actually at complete opposite ends of the alley.

Audrina bowled with her sister Casey in the first lane and Lauren bowled in the last lane with Lauren Bosworth.

Before Audrina arrived at the event Lauren Bosworth(Lo) was saying, “Honestly I think that Lauren and I have been making a sincere effort to reach out to her, I feel like we’re all kind of in a dark place right now.”

Lo confirmed that Audrina is still living in the guest house of the place she shares with Lauren, but when asked if she’ll be moving out (which was hinted at in the Hills finale), she said, “I don’t know. We don’t know.”

LC seems hopeful of the friendship problems: “There’s a little bit of tension, but we’ll work it out,” she said.

Patridge agrees with her. “We’re just trying to work it and see what happens, We’re all so busy now and going in different directions. [Drama] does happen and it doesn't mean you have to stop being friends. You can still be friends but just not be together all the time."

Everything will work out, she thinks “in the end, hopefully. But … ” She paused for a long moment. “I don’t know.”

I think that everything is going to be fine with them. I think that what we all saw on t.v. just made it seem a lot worse than it actually is. Yes, I'm sure Audrina was jealous of Lo coming back around so much, moving in and taking away all the time she used to spend with LC. But like she said they are all busy right now(mostly Audrina, with filming the movie, while the other girls are mostly always out partying). They have been friends for a while and she still does live there which says a lot. If you hate someone, you move out immediately.

Tori Spelling Stuck In Her Car


Tori Spelling was in such a rush to go eat her McDonald's that her dress got stuck in the car door. Could of been the dress ripping and her ass hanging out for everyone to see lol

Is Paris Hilton Pregnant??


From this picture she does got some bump action going on...especially since we're used to seeing a washboard flat stomach on her. She is either pregnant or forgot to wear her Spankx haha.

What do you guys think?? Is she pregnant or not??

Ryan Phillippe Moves On...


Ryan Phillippe is finally moving on in his own love life. With Abbie Cornish.

After months of everyone already guessing they were together, they finally showed up together at the 2008 Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards – their first major event as a couple.

"They were adorable," says a guest. "He had his arm around her and they were cozy and comfortable."

When Cornish – who was being honored with a Breakthrough Award – was introduced, Phillippe rubbed her back while she leaned against his shoulder. Throughout the evening, they held hands.

Phillippe also let Cornish enjoy her moment in the spotlight, waiting patiently as she worked the room and posed for photos. Once she was at his side once again, they continued to share laughs with pals.

The secret to Cornish's appeal? "We needed a girl who could knock back and drink the guys under the table, change a blown tire, whatever she needs to do," their Stop-Loss director, Kimberly Pierce, says. "And she has that. She's that kind of girl."

Phillippe and Cornish left the party just before 10 p.m., heading to Hennessy's weekly jazz night at Teddy's.

I'm so glad he is finally moved on from dwelling over Reese. I'm sure he still loves her but she has moved on and he needed to badle. Hopefully this girl is the right one for him.


Jessica Simpson At The CMA Music Festival


Jessica Simpson looks beautiful as she takes the stage at the country music capital's LP Field last night for the first night of the CMA Music Festival. I hope her country music does well, she hasn't really been too successful lately. It would be nice to see her do something good.