Monday, April 28, 2008

Drama Central!!!!


A lil' recap of The Hills tonight....

The whole episode basically took place at Lauren(LC), Lauren(Lo), and Audrina's house warming party.

Stephanie Pratt was invited, she is about to leave for the party when Spencer freaks out and once again acts like a Drama Queen, and tells her she must tell Heidi about it. Stephanie goes to Heidi's house, tells her, and all hell breaks loose. "I don't get it. The one person in my life I don't get along with and you have to best friends with her." "Where is your loyalty?" she screams at Stephanie. Heidi you are crazy!!! Just because Lauren doesn't like you because you let your boyfriend run your life doesn't mean that no one else can be friends with her. Anyways she made Stephanie feel guilty enough to not go to the party.

All the regulars showed up at the party including Brody&his new girlfriend(which in current news they have already broken up), JustinBobby, and Steven Colletti. I wish Lauren and him would just be together already, but that is not going to happen as he said things such as "Can't it just be platonic with us"? Oh well. And Audrina really needs to get outta that house, her roommates make me feel uncomfortable and I'm all the way on the other side of the country.

Anyways, next week Audrina contemplates leaving the house because they make her always feel like the 3rd wheel. Heidi goes to Vegas and leaves poor Spencer behind.

I really don't know why I am sucked into this show every week. But i am.

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