Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Daddy Cuts Off The Trust Fund..


You probably don't know who Courtenay Semel is and if your like me you probably don't care about her either. But I do love hearing about the rich who have had their trust funds cut off!!

So who is she? Well she is no one. I'm not trying to just be mean, she seriously is a nobody, but like other rich girls, thinks she is a somebody. Her daddy used to be the CEO of Yahoo until 2007 and that's what made her "famous". She also dated Lindsay Lohan(which was Lindsay's first girlfriend), was seen making out with Tila Tequila(another MTV made "famous" person), and dated Casey Johnson(who's hair she set on fire but denies ever doing).

Anyway Daddy Terry Semel has frozen Courtenay's trust fund. She cried to the New York Post about how he won't answer her phone calls and told them "I don't want to be known for all this craziness in my life". Well here's an idea Courtenay-Stop doing stupid shit!!

Apparently the reason he froze "her" money was her most recent public outburst in Vegas when a security guard wouldn't allow her into the VIP section because he had no idea who she was. She told the Caesar's Palace guard "just fucking Google me, you dumb fuck."

Now poor Courtenay's on her own and is working on her reality show. Why does she get/need a reality show? Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea what she does that is just so interesting that she needs a show, but I'm thinking that without daddy's money the show will probably suck even more. How are we supposed to watch her go shopping, hang out at the spa, party and whatever else she does without his money. Oh yeah and she is 29- Guess she figured that since she is getting older she should make her own money and what better way than to have cameras follow her around!

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