Friday, February 6, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Mini Breakdown!!


These last couple of weeks have been pretty bad for Jessica Simpson. While performing at a chili cook-off last week she was photographed apparently looking heavier than "normal" . While I don't think she wore the most flattering outfit, I still believe she has a gorgeous, REAL body with real curves-Not the typical Hollywood stick figure. Page 6 went crazy with the pictures and drew horrible cartoons of her and she's been really upset about it. She has always been someone who has flip-flopped with her weight, but I don't know if this was the reason for her recent breakdown.

During her opening set for Rascal Flatts in Grand Rapids, Michigan right after the opening song, she started talking about how much she missed Tony Romo saying, "I'm so excited, I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow,". Tony came up again later when she dedicated "You're My Sunday" to him, telling everyone, "I love him so, so much!"

Then Jessica lost her place in several songs including "Pray Out Loud," which the band had to start over after several measures. And then "Come On Over," where she mouthed "sorry" to the monitors.

She explained tearfully, "My voice is weak tonight and I feel so vulnerable onstage." And just before she closed the 38-minute set, she mentioned how sometimes, like this particular disastrous night, she wished she could just walk off the stage. She then thanked her band for not going all Christian Bale on her and appeared to wipe tears away as she exited the stage.

One of the local paper's writers blames the episode on Tony not showing up, but who knows. The fans that attended the show and cheered her on with words of support have a slightly more astute take on the whole thing. "I felt bad for her tonight," one told the paper. "Magazines are ripping her, being so harsh, and she's gorgeous." That sounds like more of a reason to me, she seems really stressed out. I hope nothing but the best for her-I like Jessica!

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