Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet The Jerk-Part 2

In part 1, I didn't mention what Stephens wife's job was. She is a weight loss consultant. Apparently after all his attacks on overweight people, her job is taking a hit as well. She issued an apology on her blog, then deleted it and posted a new one. In it she said that her husband needed to get "professional help". Now if you go the site the whole site is gone-It's very strange. Her apologies can be found here . There at the bottom of that page-they were just too long for me to post both of them on here. I know I didn't really discuss his wife at all but surprisingly she wasn't bad-I have no idea how she is married to him because they seem so different. The only "odd" thing that she did say was basically that she wasn't happy being an American- She was just born here, it wasn't her choice.

Since the show aired so many other things have happened. Internet message-boards went even crazier than usual, posting Fowler's home address, which in turn prompted him to threaten to sue the website where it had appeared. Someone launched a stephen fowler sucks website, which I highly recommend you check out. San Francisco's Craigslist Rants and Raves section has a whole thread dedicated to how much they hate him-you can check it out here.

He was also part of Fulcrum Funds, Pacific Environment and Forest Ethics groups which some of the public found out about and took to writing to these companies about how outraged they were for having him as an employee/board member. Since then Stephens name has been removed from the website. It's unclear whether he has gotten fired, resigned or this is simply a temporary measure until most people have forgotten about this. He had to remove his facebook profile, his linkedin profile and his current business endeavor (terranova, the website). His wife lost out to promote herself and her weight loss business on TV, wasn't that the purpose of going on TV in the first place? She had to explain to all her weight loss clients why her husband makes fun of overweight people on a national TV show. His wife's business activities gets lots of, well, not so positive reviews on many review type websites. Her podcasts on i-tunes are experiencing the same fate. For going on the show they get $50,000..I'm not sure if having you and your wife's career thrown away, your friends and neighbors hating you, lots of people who don't know you also hate you is really worth it. At least to me it isn't. Then again this guy is all about the money so who knows.

Anyway the reason I even mentioned this guy in the first place was because I didn't realize such narrow minded, arrogant people still existed. He made me so angry, I wish I was there and could of given him a piece of my mind and my fist. Since I couldn't be, this is the next best thing-continuing to spread his name out there and what a horrible, awful person he is. Did anyone watch this episode? Or hear about it in the news? Let me know what you guys think of him!!

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