Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is The Beckham's Relationship On The Rocks??


Rumors have been going around that Victoria Beckham is unhappy that she may be moving out of California in support of her husband. David’s desire to quit LA Galaxy and play permanently with Milan once his loan deal ends, which he said publicly for the first time last week, has already caused tension between the couple.

While David's football future is undecided, Victoria is wasting no time getting on with her own career starting with Fashion Week. She will be traveling alone to the New York event which starts on Friday. She will be there to launch her new collection and attend the parties, including Armani. She wanted David to come because her fashion line is very important to her, but he can’t because he’s playing in Milan. And there have been more fights because the couple won’t be spending Valentine’s Day together. A spokesman for the Beckhams said: "David never attends fashion events with Victoria. She is working, not playing, and David will be in training".

The couple are also said to be arguing over David’s plan to fly his mother Sandra and sister Joanne out to Milan to celebrate Joanne’s 27th birthday. Despite spending Christmas together, there are still tensions between Victoria and David’s family. "David will be flying them out on February 22 so they can watch Milan’s home game against Cagliari, He plans to lavish Jo with gifts and take her shopping in Milan, but it’s caused issues with Victoria. She makes an effort to get on with them, but they don’t gel that well", says a family friend.

If David does end up quitting the LA team and joins Milan obviously the couple will be moving, which will defiantly cause more fighting. "Victoria wants to stay in America, she feels out of place in Milan and gets frustrated by not being able to understand what they are saying", says a close friend. Maybe it's time Posh took some Italian lessons since it, seems they will be moving to Milan if David gets his wishes.


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