Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paris Hilton Gets Stood Up... By A Prince!!!

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Prince Harry recently split from his girlfriend of five years, Chelsy Davy and has been back on the singles market. But apparently it's been so long for him that they are saying he has forgotten how to date.

Harry had planned to meet Paris Hilton last week(Who knows why, but he wanted to). But he canceled at the last minute, leaving Paris without a date for the night.

Paris has been in touch with Harry since they met in London last year and had even had an invite back to Clarence House. Well this time she was in town promoting her new reality TV show and had told her friends she planned to meet Harry on Friday at midnight. She received a call from his bodyguard hours before their rendezvous to say that the Prince was not coming to London.

"Paris had spoken directly with Harry to arrange their meeting, and was pretty annoyed that Harry blew her off but they may well meet on her next trip to London," says a source.

Who does Harry think he is, you don't blow off Paris Hilton-She is a heiress.ha.

This story really made me laugh for a couple reasons. First off, Paris has another new reality show coming out? Her first one was pretty awful-In case you forgot it was Paris Hilton's BFF, where she searched for her new best friend, and since that show ended I think she was photographed with the "best friend" like 3 times max. So I really can't wait to see what crap this new show will be. Secondly, why would Prince Harry want to hang out with her? I'm sure the Queen would definitely not approve of that-She didn't even approve of Prince William's girlfriend Kate who is the 100% complete opposite of Paris. Who knows, but we'll see what photos come out when they do eventually hang out, if he doesn't blow her off again lol.

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