Saturday, February 14, 2009

Police Investigate Past Incidents With Rihanna and Chris

Police are investigating allegations that Rihanna may have been injured by her boyfriend Chris Brown in the past. Los Angeles detectives are looking into an alleged history of violence between the pair following the pre-Grammy night.

One incident they are investigating is when she wore an eye patch. Rihanna said that she suffered a scratched cornea and had to wear the patch, which she incorporated into her stage costume when she performed at the 2008 American Music Awards. Police are hesitant to believe that story.


A police has said: "We’re investigating if her eye injury could have been caused by Brown.There could be an innocent explanation - but police believe Rihanna has previously refused to make complaints against Brown."

She is now being asked about her past injuries and is beginning to open up about incidents in their relationship. Another police source told the paper: "We’re talking to her friends and management, who say she’s appeared with mysterious marks or injuries before, but always refused to explain what happened." Reports also claim Rihanna was spotted with a bruise on her neck in December – but the singer did not explain how she got it.

Brown had flown to Las Vegas after being released from jail and appears to have changed his status to "single'" on his private Facebook page, suggesting the pair have officially split.

He also wrote the following update, which appears to imply the allegedly battered Rihanna isn't entirely innocent: 'You'll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!'

Other stars/friends of the two have been speaking out as well. Rihanna's mentor Jay-Z is said to be furious. A source said that Jay 'hit the roof' when he heard about it.

On chat show Last Call With Carson Daly, rapper T.I. revealed he had spoken to Brown. He said: "I spoke to him today. He's cool, you know. He's a little concerned about the situation, but he's still the same Chris. I told him, "This too shall pass."'

Rihanna's former tour mate, Kanye West told E! News: "I don't want to speak more into the specifics with that situation, but all I'll say is it's just so devastating. I feel like, just as a person, I don’t care how famous she is or even if she just worked at McDonald's, that should never happen. It should never come to that place."

I just can't believe Chris Brown wrote on his site about waiting to see her true colors. Who cares-even if she is the craziest girl in the whole world, you still never touch her. At least now it seems Rihanna is cooperating, since they had feared that she would back out, as most victims of domestic type violence do.

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