Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Stephen Fowler aka The World's Biggest Jerk-Part 1

Normally I don't write too much about reality t.v. shows, but this one I just couldn't resist. On a recent episode of "Wife Swap" we were introduced to a British man, living in the U.S. named Stephen Fowler, his wife Renee and their 2 kids. The family they swapped with Gayla and Alan Long and their 4 sons. I'm going to focus on Stephen Fowler, if you haven't heard about him yet- after reading this, you'll know you wish you never meet anyone like him in your life. He was such an awful, rude, ignorant and downright mean person that the internet has been in a fury over him since.

Stephen and Renee live in California while Gayla and Alan are from a town of 55 in Missouri. Seems like a typical Wife Swap so far, the small town mid-westerns love paintballing, riding quads, eating and America. Stephen and Renee love organic food, exercising and spending $40,000 for their children to go to private schools. Normally the 2 very different families end up coming together and learning vital family lessons from each other. Not this time.

I'm going to just discuss Gayla's time spent in California with Stephen. I know my words really aren't going to do justice to how horribly Gayla was treated while "living" at Stephens house, so I'm going to post some of the awful things he said.

While having a discussion with Gayla about his son ever telling him he wanted to move to Missouri and why he wouldn't let him: “People in the middle of the country frankly (laughs) are just like you. It’s amazing - uneducated, simple and without a clue about what’s going on in the world. You’re undereducated; over opinionated and you’re overweight. It’s not a good combination Gayla."

“Yeah, [tomorrow is] rule change. That means starting tomorrow we have the pleasure of pretending we live in some Podunk town in Missouri. That will be interesting, won’t it?” I think he called her town Podunk at least 5 times.

Gayla says, “You keep degrading me in front of your kids.” Stephen laughs and says, “That’s easy.” Gayla says, “You think you’re so much better than me”? Stephen says, “I probably earn more in one week than you do in a year.” Once again him being horrible and trying to show the world how much better he is than her, yet just makes himself look like an ass.

Gayla is reading at the rule change ceremony and Stephen says: “You read that so well. Congratulations. I didn’t know that you could read.” “Agenda? That’s a big word for you. Clearly your two languages appear to be bad English, and redneck.”

“Look you dumb redneck, I’ve already told you once.” One of his common responses to her if she asked him a question more than once because he would ignore her and she was forced to keep asking to get an answer out of him.

Stephen Fowler says: I’ve said that you’re underachieving, under educated, over opinionated and overweight.” “Have a nice life. Don’t send any kids after me with a shotgun. Alan asks what Stephen means by his comment and Stephen says, “That’s just a final insult.”

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