Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jessica Simpson's New Clothing Line


Jessica Simpson is set to turn her weight gain into a career opportunity.

She has revealed plans to launch her own fashion line for curvy women. She has created clothing to help women of all shapes avoid feeling 'frumpy.' She told In Style magazine: "I want to create clothes that flatter every figure".

Jessica promises:
"I know how a dress can make you feel so frumpy. I promise mine won't."
"I know what flatters a woman, and trust me, I've been judged a lot in my life."
"By now I know what works if you're curvy."
"If my clothing and accessories make you feel great and let you walk proud and tall - in big, big platform shoes - then I'm happy."

I'm glad she isn't letting the media get to her. She is not fat at all-she has beautiful womanly curves that would make most women jealous. I'm happy that even since she has gained a little bit of weight, she is turning around and making the most out of the situation.


Princess Mina said...

That is great that Jess is doing this. Now lets hope they are affordable for most women. Celebs always say I'm going to make my clothes affordable. But for many $69 jeans and dresses are NOT affordable. I'm a shopaholic and will spend the money, but I have many friends that won't spend more than $30 on jeans.


jessica simpson is so gorgeous.
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Ents Capital UK Ltd said...

Jessica Simpson is a great vocalist and role model. Never in the spotlight for the wrong reasons and so pleased she has a clothing range now too. We like to promote all up and coming entertainers who some day may be as big as her.
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As for Jessica, great stuff!