Sunday, September 28, 2008

Check Out Victoria Beckhams Ugly Boots!!


Victoria and David Beckham arrived at Macy's in NYC last night to promote their new perfume. No one really cared much for the perfume as they did her boots. They were incredible 51/2 inch Berardi boots with no heels.

Everyone expected to just get pictures of her new pixie haircut but as usual Posh surprised everyone.


English-Italian Berardi is an old friend of the Beckhams, the designer started the heel-less shoe revolution in the summer with a $3,500 sandal bought by Beckham, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow. But he believes the radical designs do not mean new levels of pain for fashion-following women.

‘They are perfectly balanced,’ he said. ‘When the girls come for fittings, they look a bit daunted, but by the end they say it’s just like wearing a regular shoe.

‘They are graceful and there is a ballerina nature about them. Having a heel is really just psychological.’

They may be the height of fashion, but Posh Spice's heel-less boots have received a low rating in terms of safety.

A spokesman for the British Chiropody and Podiatry Association said: "I certainly would not recommend these shoes. The heel is there to stabilise. When you elevate the rear of the foot it makes you lean forward, which is bad for both the back and the foot." And a spokesman for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said: "Anyone wearing them would have to completely adjust their gait pattern, missing out on nearly two-thirds of the natural gait cycle. If [Posh] were to wear this sort of style for anything more than a short red-carpet walk she could suffer from foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, spinal pain and neck pain on a permanent basis."

Besides the fact that they have no heel, seem impossible to walk in, they are the one of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Really, I don't see what is so great about them.

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