Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eva Longoria Parkers Costar Claims She Is "Just Fat, Not Pregnant"


Eva Longoria Parker’s Desperate Housewives costar, Felicity Huffman, is putting those pregnancy rumors to rest.

"She's just fat, that’s all there is to it!" Huffman, 45, said jokingly. Right all size zero of her is fat. And the fact that she is so tiny that she has to get clothes custom made for her would never have me associating the word fat and Eva in the same sentence.

Rumors of a pregnancy for Eva and Tony Parker, have been going around all summer after the actress wore a loose-fitting sundress on a shopping trip and later debuted a fuller-than-normal bikini body in July.

When questioned about her "fuller figure" she said, she "can’t wait to have children, but her fuller figure is all for the sake of her role as Gabby on Housewives".

In addition to putting on weight for the role, Eva will also wear a fat suit this season to play an overworked housewife when the shows storyline jumps ahead five years.

"She looks cute," Huffman said of a fat-suited Eva. "But she's always like, 'Feel my ass! Feel my ass!’ All the jokes [on set] are Eva and her fat suit."

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