Friday, September 12, 2008

Shannen Doherty Leaving 90210!!!


When everyone heard that 90210 was coming back to television it caused quite an excitement. Then when one of our favorite characters Brenda was going to be part of the show as well it made us get even more excited for the show. Well now its time to be disappointed!! Shannen Doherty, Brenda Walsh's alter ego has announced that her comeback will be more short-lived than expected, revealing that she is unlikely to appear in the new 90210 beyond the first four episodes.

And not because she wasn't wanted.

"Shannen was signed to do four episodes, and we've always made it clear we'd love for her to do more," a source close to the production said. "There's a possibility for her to come back."

"They asked me to do a lot more," Doherty said, adding that it was scheduling conflicts with another project that prevented her from continuing on.

"I'm in the middle of pitching a show, [so] I couldn't commit to more than [I did]."
Shannen had left the original 90210 many years ago after stories of fighting off-screen with Jennie Garth. They had reportedly patched things up for the new show, but maybe that was all lies. Shannen's departure was announced right after Jennie agreed to star in five more episodes of 90210, bringing Kelly Taylor's total to 11—should the first season show survive that long, which, ratings-wise, it looks like it will.

Last week's two-hour series premiere averaged nearly 5 million viewers, becoming the CW's highest-rated scripted show ever. The show's second outing this week fell slightly to an average of just 3.3 million viewers, but maintained its stronghold on the coveted 18- to 34-year-old fairer-sex demographic.

I'm sure it will die down even more in the weeks to come, that first week everyone who had watched the show back in the day and lived for the nights it was on tuned in. It wasn't really all that I had hoped for or what I remembered loving about the show. Then again you can't recreate that feeling that was there so many years ago without those original cast mates and especially now with so many other popular shows out there geared towards people in that age range. When 90210 first came around, it was pretty much the only show of its kind which made it the huge success that it was. I don't know what the future holds for the new one but the numbers will tell us soon enough if it will last the whole season.

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