Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Katie Holme's Bruises-Where They Really Came From!!!


There has been a lot of talk today about someones knees. That's right knees ,not just anyones, but Katie Holme's knees. Pictures of her from last night where her knees look horribly bruised and then the fact that its very late at night and she is wearing sunglasses. Perhaps covering up black and blue eyes??


Then a report surfaced from People from Sunday that said while Katie and Suri were in Paris she fell. "Shortly after exiting the restaurant, Katie Holmes – in white heels and carrying Suri – was a victim of the slick sidewalk. 'Katie slipped and fell,' said a bystander. 'She seemed a little shocked but protected the baby. A bodyguard started to help her up, she handed him the child first and then straightened herself out.'

The observer added, 'She'd scraped her knee ... Afterwards, she went into the Galliano shop for a few moments to check her knee.' Holmes cleaned up and changed shoes, according to the bystander. 'When, she came out, things were fine. They went off shopping again. This time she had Suri walk, and they continued on.'

Now everyone thinks Tom Cruise is a wife beater all because she slipped and no one checked around for information on it, they just assumed and were wrong!!

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