Thursday, August 28, 2008

Police Called To O.J.'s House!!!


Police were called to O.J. Simpson's Florida home over the weekend following an altercation between his girlfriend and eldest daughter.

Initial reports suggested that O.J. was injured by his daughter Arnelle Simpson, 39, as he tried to break up the argument on Sunday night.

Arnelle was said to be angry with her father for giving money to his girlfriend Christine Prody , while her mother, Simpson's first wife Marguerite Whitley was struggling to pay her bills.

The National Enquirer alleged Arnelle had pushed Simpson into a glass cupboard during her argument with Christine.

Despite reports Simpson had suffered a cut to the head and a bleeding lip, he was looked intact when he spoke to U.S. TV channel CBS this week.

Simpson said: 'Look at me, I look fine. It must be slow news day.'

He told CBS the fight was strictly between the two women and he wasn't involved.

The police report says officers were called to the home after an incomplete emergency call.

O.J. just can't stay out of the news for a month.

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