Thursday, June 12, 2008

Michael Jackson Is Trying To Make Some Money!!


So we all know that financially Michael Jackson is hurting. He was so close to losing his Neverland Ranch until that company came in and helped him out. I'm not sure why he didn't just get rid of it since he hasn't been there since his last child molestation case but whatever.

Anyway, his new get rich plan is pretty much like every other celebrities out there, start up a clothing line(followed by perfume, shoes, handbags...anything they can stamp their name to lol). And no, the clothing is not for little boys!! Supposedly Jackson is working with Ed Hardy designer, Christian Audigier. The source says, "It's still in the developing stages, but it's going to be big. This will be a major comeback for Michael. He's dedicating a lot of his time and money to this venture." What money is he dedicating to this?? Probably not his own, I'm sure some investors.

In case you live under a rock, Ed Hardy is the new hot clothing designer that all the teens, and celebs are wearing(I even have some shirts from them!!) But anyway it's priced ridiculously high and I'm sure that it will continue to sell millions with or without his name on it. A couple weeks ago I had also told you guys how Britney was in talks with him to design stuff as well. Maybe that's his new clothing line...failing celebs designing shirts??

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