Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex And The City Was Amazing!!!!


I went to see Sex and The City last night and it was great. I really didn't have high expectations of it at all, even though I had watched the show every season and loved it. I really just didn't think they could do it justice on the big screen. Boy was I wrong!! I thought it would be one of those corny TV show to movies where it's like an extra long episode but I didn't feel that way about it. I don't wanna give anything out about it even though you can basically find out everything you want on the Internet and TV. But seriously GO SEE IT!!! It made me laugh, cry and feel great about being a woman. I went with some of my most favorite women and all of us felt the same way. So yea go see it, leave me comments and let me know if you saw it how you thought it was.

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