Friday, June 13, 2008

Naomi Campbell Is A MESS!!


Naomi Campbell almost tumbled to the ground after a night out with friends in Italy on Wednesday.

Luckily, there was a man on hand to catch her. But the fellow - who was not quite as tall as the statuesque Miss Campbell - appeared to be struggling with his burden.

At one point, he seemed about to drop the giggling bundle of flailing limbs and flying hair.

The London-born model and her party had arrived on the island of Capri by boat earlier that day, and entered a nightclub at 1am.

They eventually left in high spirits at 3am and shortly afterwards Miss Campbell had her little fall. Once she had regained her composure, the group headed off into the night, leaving behind some amused onlookers.

'We heard a little shriek and turned around,' said one. 'She was close to having a very embarrassing moment indeed, but managed to laugh it off though.' But a spokesman for Miss Campbell denied that she fell. 'Naomi was just joking around with friends,' the spokesman said. 'She was pretending to fall to see who would catch her.'

Right I'm sure that was the case...Regardless who cares?? So what if she did fall..other than making a funny picture it's not like it would end her career or anything. Not like she really has too great of one anymore anyways.


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