Friday, June 6, 2008

Lauren & Audrina "Things Will Work Out"


Lauren Conrad and Audrina Partridge were both at a bowling party Thursday at upscale alley Strike Orange County but no where near each other. They were actually at complete opposite ends of the alley.

Audrina bowled with her sister Casey in the first lane and Lauren bowled in the last lane with Lauren Bosworth.

Before Audrina arrived at the event Lauren Bosworth(Lo) was saying, “Honestly I think that Lauren and I have been making a sincere effort to reach out to her, I feel like we’re all kind of in a dark place right now.”

Lo confirmed that Audrina is still living in the guest house of the place she shares with Lauren, but when asked if she’ll be moving out (which was hinted at in the Hills finale), she said, “I don’t know. We don’t know.”

LC seems hopeful of the friendship problems: “There’s a little bit of tension, but we’ll work it out,” she said.

Patridge agrees with her. “We’re just trying to work it and see what happens, We’re all so busy now and going in different directions. [Drama] does happen and it doesn't mean you have to stop being friends. You can still be friends but just not be together all the time."

Everything will work out, she thinks “in the end, hopefully. But … ” She paused for a long moment. “I don’t know.”

I think that everything is going to be fine with them. I think that what we all saw on t.v. just made it seem a lot worse than it actually is. Yes, I'm sure Audrina was jealous of Lo coming back around so much, moving in and taking away all the time she used to spend with LC. But like she said they are all busy right now(mostly Audrina, with filming the movie, while the other girls are mostly always out partying). They have been friends for a while and she still does live there which says a lot. If you hate someone, you move out immediately.

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