Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lily Allen Claims That She Didn't Drink Too Much-- Her Drinks Must Of Been Spiked!!!

Lily Allen says her drink may have been spiked after she had to be carried out of the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards on Tuesday night. In case you forgot how ridiculous she looked, she is pictured below getting carried out.


Lily was overheard chatting to Janet Street-Porter outside The Royal Academy of Arts 24th Summer Exhibition Preview Party in Piccadilly last night, suggesting her condition may not have had anything to do with the prodigious amount of alcohol she consumed.

She said: 'Yeah, I don't know what happened, maybe I was spiked. I don't remember a thing. I can normally get really drunk, but not like that.'

Lily's night at the Glamour awards took a turn for the worse after a brief spell in the toilets left her incapable of standing up straight.

Earlier she had been spotted taking full advantage of the free bar - drinking champagne, gin, vodka and Asahi beer.(And of course drinking all that won't make you not be able to stand--it must of been something else lol)

Lily says her drinks must have been spiked, she says 'The worrying thing was that I was like a dead weight. I have been out so many times and got drunk and never ended up like that. 'What was worse was that the cab just drove off with only me in it. My brother and my mates were not with me. 'I didn't have my house keys or my bag, so I felt totally vulnerable. When I finally got home I just passed out.'

Last night she added: 'I purposefully drove here so I wouldn't drink. I'm going to be really good tonight. 'Someone asked if I'm turning into Britney Spears. What can you say to that?'

Lily spent the evening flirting with her ex boyfriend Seb Chew, and had both her arms around him at one point. They sneaked out separately but he jumped into her car and they drove off.

Guess she realized what a complete fool she was so she blamed it on the drinks being spiked. That is too funny...her saying I can normally drink that much and be fine..Maybe you just had too much to drink that night. With the nice free open bar, plus all the people that had seen her consume so much. Oh yea and only her drinks were spiked, not all the other tons of people that were there. We are not fooled Lily, we know you are a drunk...this is not the first time you have been carried out of a party!! Maybe you should try getting some help..or stay away from the free beer!!

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