Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Britney And Mel's Night Out!!!


Just a couple weeks ago Mel Gibson, his wife, Britney Spears and her dad all vacationed together in Costa Rica. Last night Mel and Britney met up again, this time at an exclusive Beverly Hills cigar club.

For more than two-and-a-half hours, the pair met in what was confirmed as a more of an ongoing guidance session than a business pow-wow.

For this "meeting" at the members-only Havana Club, both showed up separately shortly before 7 p.m.

When Spears arrived, her bodyguard drove a Jeep Commander into the underground parking garage, and she exited with her blonde hair up and pulled back by a white headband. Also with Spears was her assistant Brett.

"She looked pretty in her new Capri jeans a blue blouse, white shoes and a brown bag," says a photographer. Earlier in the day, Spears was seen shopping at the Lisa Kline boutique in Beverly Hills, where she purchased the new jeans and tried on several necklaces.

"Britney looked like a doll with bright red lipstick," added the photographer, who described her as "very quiet" and "with a serious look on her face as she walked in to the Havana Club."

An upbeat Gibson left his silver Lexus with the valet and walked in holding what was described as a "man-purse" up to his face and a look of "okay, you got me" as paparazzi snapped his picture.

Around 9:30, Britney left the club for home, while Mel hung around until about 11.

Maybe he really is helping her out and offering her this good guidance. She hasn't had any negative stories published about her in a while or any crazy outbursts. Her life is getting back on track, things are getting better concerning her sons, everything seems to slowly be working itself out. Hopefully Britney will be back to her complete normal self very soon!!

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