Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Puke Alert!!!


I'm so sick of seeing Heidi and Spencer with their fake posing all over the place. Why can't they just have a good time all alone without trying so hard to impress the cameras??

They went to Disneyland with Spencer's nieces and I really don't even care to post all the pictures because of how fake they are. Supposedly they are preparing to eventually become parents which is the reason for this trip. In case you want to read more about it, you can find it all over their website which all they talk about on there is, you guessed it themselves and how happy in love they are.

Maybe when they stop trying to show everyone how in love they are, people will actually believe it!!! Get real!!!

[source for picture:pacificcoastnews]


I was just watching some gossip show on t.v. and they were discussing Spencer and Heidi. Anyways the new issue of OK! Magazine has a story about these two saying that in the past 2 years they have made $3 million dollars. This is making me hate them even more. Every time they show up together at a club they are paid $100,000. For every episode of The Hills they are each paid $25,000. But they did make fun of her saying the only thing that hasn't made her money is her singing career haha I'm glad they are on the same page as me!!

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