Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Simpson Girls Looking Pretty!!


Jessica looks beautiful on a night out, but her bag is just not my style. It would be cute if it was maybe half the size, but that wouldn't be Jessica. She is famous for having way too big purses, and this one fits her criteria; it's almost the same size as her. When I think of the clutch bag, I think of something tiny and cute..hmm I don't know, guess I was wrong!!


Momma to be Ashlee all dressed up and looking nice. Normally she is very tomboyish from her style to her body shape, so it's nice to see that she has been showing up places wearing dresses more often, and her body already seems to be taking on some of those pregnancy curves. She really does look great. Oh and that huge rock on her finger does always makes a nice accessory haha!!

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