Thursday, June 5, 2008

Christina Aguilera IS A GOOD Mom!!!


So while Christina Aguilera was out getting dirty on the dance floor with that woman the other night people started saying she was a bad mom.

It must suck to be famous that when you have a child you are expected to be with them 24/7. "Real" people who have children go out all the time and hire babysitters so why can't Christina??

"Once in a while, if I want to go out and have a mommy-daddy night with my husband, I am more than allowed to do that," the singer told Access Hollywood.

"I spend all day with my son," adding that any criticism of her late-night outings with husband Jordan Bratman is downright "mean spirited."

"Everybody has an opinion and everybody sometimes wants to cause drama," she said. "But it's something that comes with what you do and I learned that very early on."

Good for her!!! I'm glad she's not letting what people say get to her. It's not like she gave birth yesterday and is out running around being a tramp all over town. She gave birth 5 months ago...she deserves a night out with her husband!!!

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