Saturday, May 31, 2008

Amy Winehouse's Horrible Concert Performance


Amy Winehouse kept 90,000 fans at the Lisbon music festival waiting almost an hour at the first concert she has given since rehab.

"Hey Lisbon, I'm sorry I'm late,"-I was smoking crack- told the sold out crowd, which had started to boo when she failed to arrive. The singer said she was suffering from a sore throat, but disappointed many with her distracted performance of hits like "Rehab."

Her voice cracked repeatedly and she often stopped to fix her microphone or talk with her band members.

The singer, who had visible cuts on her left arm, and a bandage on her right hand, left the stage without performing an encore.

"She was given the option to cancel, but was determined to take her first step back on to the live scene and although her throat was not at 100%, Amy felt it important for fans to see that she is back working at her craft. She will continue to her comeback at events throughout the summer." says her rep.

This crowd should be offered a refund for having to watch this horrible train wreck of a performance. If she wasn't ready then why even do the concert. I love how all singers give the sore throat excuse when they are late--it's classic!!! Oh yea and regardless if she fealt she HADDDD to do this concert why go late??

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