Thursday, May 29, 2008

Attention Ladies: George Clooney Is Back On the Market!!!


I'm very upset by this news. George Clooney and his girlfriend Sarah Larson have broken up.

When they first started dating, i thought it was all a joke. Why would one of the hottest bachelors hook up with a waitress??

But then I thought it was cool, how such a normal girl got to live a lot of people's dreams of marrying/dating a celebrity. I also hated her because she got to wear all these awesomely expensive dresses. Suddenly everyone loved her and needed to interview her. I thought,"She's a nobody from Vegas". Then i read some of the interviews and she seemed very down to earth and I was happy for her.

Then after a year I assumed it was a done deal. Fate had struck them both and they were going to live happily ever, but then this story hit.

I thought she had been through some really down things with him, their motorcycle accident last year and then earlier this year, Larson accompanied Clooney to the Oscars – the first girlfriend ever to go with him to the event.

Oh well. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm sure now she will turn out to be an actress and everyone will still love her, or she will go back to Vegas and start waitressing again. Who knows but we will soon find out!!

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