Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lindsay's Mom Speaks Out About Her "asthma attack"


Lindsay Lohan's rep said yesterday that she was going to the hospital to visit a friend. NOW her mom Dina is telling people that the reason for the emergency room visit was that she was having an asthma attack on Thursday.

"She was losing oxygen. She couldn't breathe, She was afraid to go the hospital because [the paparazzi] were gonna write about it. She was sick, If you were sick, and you're mother couldn't even take you to a hospital because paparazzi will fabricate some story, you know, it's sad. It's really sad.", says Dina Lohan

But Dina isn't even the one who took her to the hospital, her good friend Samantha Ronson did. So I don't even know why Dina is saying how sad it is her own mother couldn't take her. I think it makes the story really strange that her mom didn't take her if that was the reason-a asthma attack, but I don't believe it's the truth. I'm sure we will never know!!

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