Monday, May 26, 2008

Posh Makes Sure No Funny Business Is Going On!!

Love it!!! Just checked out my friend over at celebrityviplounge and they had this picture posted.

A couple days ago I had posted pictures of David Beckham checking out 2 different cheerleader's ass's at basketball games. So here is a picture from Saturday night's game. He went with his wife Victoria Beckham/Posh and it looks pretty clear he wasn't checking out any ladies except of course her. I was thinking that the only reason she went to the game was to shush any rumors of things going wrong with their marriage and stuff like that. It made me laugh. Love how focused he is on the game and how focused she is on him, like she is just staring at him waiting for him to fuck up and look at a cheerleader. Ha!!!



Anonymous said...

Great picture ))) You are perfectly right, the only one thing she was interested while on this game was Dav.

Winnie said...

I've been so out of touch with the beckhams since they've moved to LA.

Thanks for your lovely comment, you made my day!