Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which Celeb is this??

Despite his untold dedication to his wife. We have received reports that a newly married husband has been stepping out on his wife with a variety of call girls.

*Our cheating hubby has rented suites stocked with weed and Dom.
*He loves to sexually entertain two women at a time.
*His favorite destination for call girl hookups is in Las Vegas.
*When he arrives in Las Vegas, sometimes, escorts are waiting for him in his limo and a lot of hanky panky goes on enroute to his hotel suite.

His wife remains clueless as he runs up a secretive tab for high end escorts.
This has become an addiction for him.
He tells his wife he has to go out of town on business when he’s really meeting up with ladies of the evening.
The wife has allegedly been telling friends that their sex life had died down since their marriage because her husband is such a workaholic but the real reason is:
He’s stepping out on her.

People are buzzing with this news, most commonly they are thinking it's Usher and Tameka, or Jay-Z and Beyonce, considering Jay’s recent involvement with opening his 40/40Club in Vegas and NYC, he seems to fit perfectly.

Who do you think it is??

[source:panache report]

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