Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nick Bollea's Phone Calls From Jail

Nick Bollea is not enjoying his time in jail--who would be?? But you gotta do your time for the crimes you commit.


The contents of some of Nick’s conversations have been released, and now we can hear a few of the specifics about just how tough jail really is for him. Bollea is being kept in a single cell at the Pinellas County Jail because he is one of only two minors serving time in the adult facility.

The inmates are allowed to talk on the phone as long as they want at Pinellas County Jail – during their free time of course. Nick spends an average of two hours a day on the phone, generally complaining and whimpering to his mom, Linda.

The phone calls began just hours after Nick Bollea was hauled away from the courtroom.

Nick Bollea: “Had I known this, I would have rather gone to trial or I would rather, you know, appeal the case or something. I can’t deal with this for eight months. It’s (his cell) like the size of my bathroom.”
Linda Bollea: “Oh!”
Nick: “No windows or nothing. Just one little top bed thing.”
Linda: “Oh my God!”

[From ABC Action News]

Nick: “All you do is sit there and think, and there’s nothing to think about.”
Linda: “We’ll get through it.”
Nick: “Yeah.”
Linda: “Prove to everyone you’ve learned your lesson and be more careful.”

Bollea asks for anything to pass the time, including books and magazines. He even talks about breaking the world record for sleeping and working out in his cell.

[From ABC Action News] [Source Celbitchy]

I don't feel any pity for him. He has still yet to say sorry to his friend or his friends family who he has left permanently injured due to the car accident. He is so spoiled...what did he think his jail cell would look like--a beautiful mansion??

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