Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fergie's Awesome Dance Moves

It's apparent after watching Fergie's performance yesterday on The Today Show that she does not know how to dance or better yet know how to make up her own dance moves. I am positive I have seen those moves someplace else.

The beginning looks identical to Ashlee Simpson's performance a few days ago where she just throws her arms up and spins around. All the rolling around on the ground can be found in any Madonna/Beyonce/Mariah Carey video, and also found in lots of porn. All of her flips can be seen at local gymnastics schools plus the fact they made me feel sick just watching her.HA! I especially liked how she pretty much is humping her guitarist throughout the song. I also enjoyed when she crawled up to the front, touched herself, then went up to the group of 5 year old boys and seductively sang to them. Awesome! Oh yea and my favorite part was at the end when she does "The Axl" dance. Now i know these moves lots of people use, but they just looked way too similar to me. Maybe it is just me, but usually I feel that way about people I don't like and I like Fergie...sometimes.

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