Monday, May 26, 2008

Jessica Cheated on Tony!!!

Rumor has it the reason Tony Romo and Jessica broke up is because she cheated on him with two men. Not one, because that wouldn't have been bad enough, But TWO!!

The 2 men are Jared Leto and Zach Braff.

Jessica Simpson's fling with Zach Braff began after a recent party hosted by Diddy, when the mogul received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“They spent that night together and several others,” the source said.

“Then she turned to Jared [Leto] for several more romantic trysts! And this was happening right under Tony Romo’s nose!”

At one point she was juggling all three guys, according to the source.

What a hard day's work it has been for her, trying to keep all 3 of these guys happy...I felt so bad for her getting dumped by Tony. I take it all back. She is a dirty slut!!

*There was no picture needed for this post because looking at her makes me feel sick, as much as I hate Tony Romo (I am a huge Giants Fan), I hate to admit he wasn't that bad looking, much better than Zach and Jared.

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