Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson


Reports are saying that Tony Romo decided to get plastered and break up with Jessica Simpson - without telling her while in Chicago. One of Tony's friends informed them the Dallas quarterback was all over the ladies at the club. Superficial reported this news:

Tony Romo was in town, and he was bar hopping with some college football buddies of his from Chicago. He had the nerve to put Jessica on speakerphone and talk about their sex life with all his guys listening and laughing at her. Not only is this girl dumb, but she is completely self conscious about her bedroom skills. After a few too many drinks, he told everyone he and Jessica are over. They are taking a "break." He could never see himself being serious and marrying this girl. He's just having fun with her.

“He was surrounded by girls,” according to an eyewitness. “We had to restrain some who forcibly tried to make their way to his table.” Apparently, the girls at the club weren’t enough for Romo and his friends. They sent the nightclub’s bus to pick up more girls from the Hard Rock Hotel where Romo and his friends were crashing.

Romo’s night included one blonde in particular he spent a lot of time talking to. “He zeroed in on one blonde all night,” a source said. “That blonde wasn’t Jessica Simpson.”

They are apparently on different pages in their relationship because she is telling magazines that they are getting married while he is out partying with his friends and dumping her. Apparently a reporter asked Tony if he was going to be attending Ashlee Simpsons wedding and he said " I don't know what your talking about". Riiiightt sure you have no clue Tony.

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