Monday, May 12, 2008

The Hills Season Finale Recap


Well tonight's finale of The Hills season 3 was pretty much a disappointment. If you missed it, don't worry it will be replayed 100 million times, but if you don't feel like watching it..I got you covered.

It started off with Audrina and Justin Bobby checking out apartments for her. She is talking to him about how unhappy she is living with the girls and how they are all drifting apart.

Stephanie shows up at Heidi's apartment, where Spencer has spent the night. He finally gets it out of her where Heidi is, in Vegas. She tells him, "Shes gone and she might not be coming back". This basically makes Spencer lose his mind. He asks her, "You coming to Vegas with me or am I gonna go by myself"?

Heidi is in Vegas, touring the casino that her company is taking over and renovating. She is the project manager for this assignment. They ask her if she really wants this, "Yes, I'm very excited to be part of this".

Lauren and Lo plan a roommate dinner to try and patch things up with Audrina, except Audrina already has plans of her own and leaves the house without even saying goodbye.

Spencer shows up in Vegas with Stephanie. They find out where Heidi is, he walks up to Heidi's table(she is meeting with her bosses) and asks her if he can speak to her outside. While she is gone the bosses discuss possibly finding a new project manager. He whines to her about how he wants her back and blah blah blah. She leaves him without answers and returns to her bosses. They are pissed, they end the meeting and everyone heads to their rooms for the night.

Back in L.A. Lauren heads out to the guesthouse where Audrina lives to try and have a serious talk with her. It ends up with Lauren crying and Audrina saying that Lo is tearing their friendship apart.

In Vegas Heidi's bosses are waiting for her to show up where they have a car waiting for all of them. Her boss leaves her 2 voicemails, then they finally leave her. The next scene is Heidi, Spencer and Stephanie leaving Vegas.

The show ends with Lauren crying, walking into her house, Spencer and Heidi pulling up to their apartment and him asking her,"If she is ready to go in". They go in together. So basically she threw away an amazing opportunity to be with that douchebag. If he was a real man he would be supportive of this job she has and how huge of an opportunity it is to have been part of a team that was designing a new hotel/casino in Vegas. He sucks, he wants the 2 of them to be media whores, living off of MTV, her shitty music career and whatever else those 2 losers do.

The after show featured interviews with Audrina, Whitney, Lauren and Lo. Basically nothing was said because they don't want to ruin the next season. They showed previews for the next season..same old shit and drama except Lauren goes on a date with a real HOTTTTTIEEEE for once.

The best part was when they previewed a new reality show that's coming in the summer. It features 8 of the spoiled bitches from "My Super Sweet 16". The parents are fed up with how their children act, they have no sense of reality, everything has always been handed to them. It's called Exiled, the girls are all "exiled" to places such as Africa, India and the Arctic Circle. They live with girls their own age in these places and find out what it's like to not be handed everything. I can't wait to watch all these girls crying because I hated them so much for never appreciating everything that was handed to them on a silver platter. It should be great!!!

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