Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Britney Pregnant and Smoking??


If there is any truth in the rumors that the singer really is pregnant again, her smoking could be damaging more than just her own health.

Britney - whose increased weight and a recent trip to an LA medical centre have fuelled speculation of pregnancy- looked even more bloated than she has in recent weeks.

The pop star has been back in training in preparation for a comeback, spending plenty of time on the treadmill - but despite all the effort, she is failing to regain the svelte figure which made her famous.

For weeks, Hollywood has been abuzz with rumors that Britney may be pregnant again, but the singer has not confirmed anything.

Just last week, Britney was photographed cradling her stomach during a shopping trip.

With the way she keeps hiding her stomach I would say she is pregnant. Guess her and Jamie Lynn will having something in common soon.

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