Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow She Is Actually Smiling


Victoria Beckham is always photographed looking very angry. I've always wondered how can she not be smiling when she has millions, a super hot husband and everything else in the world. She says her stern appearance simply comes down to the the structure of her face.

She told Fiona Phillips on GMTV today: "When I see pictures I do sometimes think 'You miserable cow!' But I think it's just the way my face falls. If people like the way I look then great, and if they don't then fine."


Posh is happy on the inside, she insists, declaring that she "loves" her new life in the US. "You know it's a great place to bring up children. It's great for me and my career. You know, David – it's tough the football because it's completely different -but he went there for a reason, he's trying to change the face of soccer in America."

Posh, who has left her family in Los Angeles for her promotional visit to London for her dVb denim range, also addressed her friendship with Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She said: "Do you know we go to lots of different things together and they're great and really normal. And people don't want to hear that, people want to hear that people are weird."

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Danz said...

She's actually very pretty when she smiles but she, like most people, don't always feel like smiling. I've loved VB since the spice girls and I always will.