Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quote of the Week


"I don't really like to respond to things I read about myself in the press but, for the record, I was not thrown off anybody's yacht in Cannes."
– Singer Lily Allen (pictured in Cannes), dismissing rumors of rowdy behavior via her MySpace page

Wow this girl has had some serious problems lately, all of her alcohol drinking and drunk pictures of her and this picture. If she didn't get thrown off the yacht she should have!!!


PhotoBoothe said...

What the hell is wrong with the picture, aside from the stupid black stripe, that is. A sexy woman, not embarrassed about her body, not bound by all our normal Victorian BS. More power to her!

Hello Dear said...

I don't get it. You do realize she's a small, right? You can see her ribs under the black area. My friend is 118 pounds and she's 5'4. Lilly allen was WAY skinnier than my friend who is already skinny. I'm assuming shes only about 100 pounds give or take a few. You're rude. I'm a size healthy and I'm loving it.

PhotoBoothe said...

You're delusional. You don't see her ribs, that is pure BS. There is a little bit of normal, healthy padding there, not too much, but enough to make your statement about "seeing her ribs" patently absurd. Lilly is not too small, Lilly is a doll-babe, if you resent this fact, it is your problem. That is not rude, that is just the way it is.
If you want people to be tolerant of "size healthy" which looks to be a euphemism for two sizes too big, then you should darn well be tolerant of "size small" too.
Peace & Merry Christmas!