Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ooops She Did It Again!!!!


Britney Spears was involved in a minor car accident this afternoon, when she rear-ended a red Ford Explorer on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

"I think she was just distracted," said a witness. "She just tapped the other car in front of her."

Spears, 26, was at the wheel of her white Mercedes-Benz SL65 when she left her Studio City home for an afternoon drive. Shortly thereafter, she rear-ended the SUV.

Her bodyguard, who was sitting shotgun, got out and apparently gave a business card to the other driver, a female. Police were not involved. They were no injuries and no real damage done to either vehichle.

Witnesses say the driver of the Explorer followed Spears back to her gated community to exchange information, apparently suggested by the bodyguard to avoid press attention.


Da Old Man said...

Britney was due for some news. Maybe she did it for the publicity.

casey said...

Why do these super-rich people drive and crash and get DWI's. Hire a driver!

sindhu said...
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