Monday, May 26, 2008

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Host a White Party In The Hamtpons!!!


I'm sure Diddy wasn't too happy when he heard about Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush's White Party. Diddy is known for throwing an end of summer "White Party" in the Hamptons. Last year he also threw a bash Memorial Day weekend at The White House, a sprawling nightclub in Hampton Bays.

This year Kim and Reggie decided to headline their own white party event at the exact same place Diddy threw his last year. Wow how original!

Kim Kardashian, wore a form-fitting white dress(surprise, surprise)by Herve Leger, and boyfriend Reggie Bush, also in all white. Hmmm it was a white party, it does make sense they wore all white.

"White is actually one of my favorite colors," Kardashian told PEOPLE while hanging out in the raised VIP section of the club. "I have a white car. I love white. When the opportunity came up to be in the Hamptons – I'd never been in the Hamptons before – and to host a white party at the White House, it just seemed right." It just seemed right because it's been done before idiot. I love how she acted like she came up with this idea. Regardless if her dumb ass has never been to the Hamptons, she wasn't born yesterday she has heard of Diddy's infamous parties there.

Though Bush is said to be camera shy, at least twelve photographers and two video crews were snapping photos of the pair as they danced on the floor and hung out in the VIP section.

"I'm not doing interviews," Bush said. But he let Kardashian speak for him.
"His training camp starts in a week in New Orleans and he just started his mini camp, so he has the next few days off before he buckles down," she said.
What makes him a good boyfriend? "The fact that he came with me all the way to the Hamptons on his day off when all of his friends are in Las Vegas on their usual – you know, [getaway]."

As for the sparkling ring she was wearing, Kardashian told PEOPLE, "I'm about two months pregnant right now and we're getting married on August 8th of 2008."
Bush appeared stricken until she added, "It's a joke." But the possibility is still very real. When asked if she'd like to have kids one day and get married, Kardashian said, "Yes, of course. I'd love to get married."

And then on cue, for photographers, she and Bush smooched on the lips. Isn't that so cute---I think I might puke ha.

Do you guys think she was just being nice by throwing this party? Or was she being her usual manipulative self and trying to gain publicity by "stealing" this event idea and trying to brand it as her own?


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