Monday, May 19, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Can't Afford A Birthday Party For Herself!!!


Lindsay Lohan’s 22nd birthday is approaching and she’s planning on throwing one hell of a bash…if she raises enough money! They are calling it "Lindsay Lohan's MO-ROCKIN' 22ND Birthday".

There’s been a website set-up for it, click here to check out this crazy shit, in which the overview states:

“Sponsors will have a unique branding opportunity at an internationally media worthy event…Upon nightfall an intimate group of 75 VIP guests will gather for dinner, performances and most importantly to help Lindsay blow out the candles on her 22nd birthday cake.”

Sponsors receive the following:
*Inclusion in gift bags
*Logo on invites
*Signage around the venue
*Product will be distributed in the hospitality suite
*Images of Lindsay and VIP guests with the product
*Inclusion in all press materials

Wow, that is just crazy. Is she really that pathetic that she needs a sponsored Birthday party. I guess she is such a loser now that no one wants to "throw" her a party--like I'm sure shes had done for her in the past. I'm sure her girlfriend Samantha will figure something out for her!!


Felicity said...

Nice blog! I too am slightly celeb obsessed...Can I get invited to her birthday? To ridicule and laugh at the horror of course.

GREG said...

Or you can view it in a another way: using her celeb-status to dip her fingers on the coppers of the celeb-hungry brand conscious capitalists. Any which way, they are going to use one another to the hilt. Let's just hope that needy groups and communities will benefit.

Your blog's title is catchy. :-)