Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Derby non-sense


Kentucky Derby was this weekend and of course in attendance were publicity-whores Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Also there was, Nick Lachey, Jerry O'Connell, Jennifer Tilly, Kevin Sorbo, Bo Derek, Molly Sims, The Girls Next Door with Hugh Hefner, Carson Daly and Taylor Dayne.

The runner-up horse Eight Belles suffered two broken ankles after crossing the finish line and was euthanized at the race. Has medicine still not figured out a way to help horses heal from injuries like that? Did we spend all of our research money on making penises bigger and other useless research. I really hate hearing horrible things about animals.

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Babchi said...

I read that these thoroughbreds are breeded to have small thin ankles and legs for speed; however, their bodies are too large for the pounding they are giving their legs...and did the jockey know she was injured during the race but just kept going? Down with horse racing--it is just too cruel to these beautiful creatures!